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Now we are in a post-2012 world and the following 5 year process of intense change is more or less completed, we can relax a little. And start implementing the changes we want to happen. So to this end, we are doing a University study to validate or invalidate spiritual healing. We are going to focus on people who think too much.

We are going to work on something Eckhart Tolle called a pain body. My work goes a lot further than CBT and mindfulness. I am a professional astral travel teacher and train healers for a living. It usually takes me 20-30 minutes to remove a pain body for good. So if you liked Eckhart’s work, then you’ll absolutely love mine.  I have dealt with around 20,000 pain bodies and might be the best in the business. And now we have the university excited about the technology I am bringing to the table.




My once client and good friend Pessy Stienfeld is doing her PhD study into spirituality. Pessy has worked so hard to be one of the people who qualifies to study in the most sought after department of Universities: she is a genius. She knows the effects of my work first hand and wants to test the impact of pain body release therapy on the community at large.

So right now, we are looking for a group of 10 to be the proof-of-concept group. I have loads of happy past clients, though the university has a lot of rules they want me to follow. So we have to video tape the session work and do a follow up video on the topic to rate its effectiveness in a number of areas. We have a lot of work to do behind the scenes to start making spirituality accepted in western culture.

So help us out. We are looking for 10 people to work with. We hope you can donate some money for the project, because we’re working for nothing – I mean – out of the goodness of our hearts. I will be giving preference to the subscribers on my youtube channel, If you want to get on board, click the link below and we can have a chat on the phone about all of this. Link below.

Looking forward to making the change we all want to see in the world.

And stay Awesome

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