When you look into a new born babies, you will see a personality already in there. This person comes into the world with their personality already made. Psychology denies the existence of this thing that we have all seen: babies are not blank slates. So where does this personality come from?

So if Psychology has one thing to say, and the mystic world wants to be taken seriously: it has to make a counterpoint statement. This is not to say that our daily life experiences have no impact on who we become: they are only part of the story.  It has to have another theory about where personality comes from… so here it is.

The 5 places our personality is sourced from are:

  1. DNA
  2. Our Daily Life experience
  3. The people we are closest to
  4. Our soul
  5. Past Lives

1. Our DNA holds personality.

It is not commonly understood, but the forefront scientific analysis of DNA says it is mostly ‘Junk’. 90% or more of our DNA is of unexplained function. They were able to attribute meaning to up to 10% of the content of DNA to the construction of the physical body. What they were unable to do was explain what the rest of it was for. That 90%, or at least some of it, is devoted to creating the personality.

The DNA is a quadrinary code. Just like computers that write in a binary (2) code language, DNA writes in a quadrinary (4) language. There is A LOT OF INFORMATION stored in the DNA. Some of it is devoted to traits that follow in the family. We know that physical traits are passed through this medium, though to reveal that personality traits do too is a bit of a surprise. We have probably seen this in saying ‘they are just like their father/mother’ as well as the common wisdom retained in common says like: ‘the apple does not fall far from the tree.’  It is hard to believe that in all that spare information, there is nothing about the personality in there.

There is also plenty of scientific research to back up this proposition. Article #1 or Article #2 or Article #3 are all good examples of the wealth of research conducted in this field. What is disconcerting is that this fact is not well established in the common discussion. I suggest that this information has been climate scienced to a large degree, so we look forward to this information being more widely understood.

The reason why I include this information first is because what we find in the mystic field is that DNA is re-programmable. We find that there are sections of DNA code that run back through multiple generations where the same issue has been exhibited repeatedly. To change this coding is to affect change in the mindset of the individual in question. It is a really important aspect of personality that is woefully under-addressed.

Our life experiences are only part of what makes us who we are

Daily Life Experiences. So every day, when we wake up, we go about our day and encounter different problems, different pleasures and different ways of handling them. They are different for each human being. These are the growth fodder that each of us uses. Through these experiences we craft meaning and understanding from the world around us. As we have more and new experiences, we constantly update our understanding of the world around us. We update our responses and how we choose to behave. We develop our personality.

This is the core of psychology. Through understanding which experiences were the most influential, we conversationally relive the experience to give it a new meaning. To rebuild our flawed conclusions and life-decisions based on that information. We change this way.

3. The people we surround ourselves with.

The fact that we have a magnetic field is the basis of this. When our magnetic fields overlap, we exchange information. As we spend time together, we ‘tune’ the information in each other’s auric field. The ideas that clash start to impact each other and we absorb new ideas and attitudes from each other. We know this is happening because of language. ‘We are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with’ or we tell our children to spend time with role models in the hope they will ‘rub off’ on them. The rubbing off is this information exchange between magnetic fields. Easy to understand that one!

If you want to know more about the human magnetic field, then please watch this video. It not only demonstrates the affect friends have on each other, it also adds a lot to the discussion about the law of attraction and manifestation. I know you’ll enjoy it

4. Our Soul has some input into our personality too.

Our soul is an independent entity. It is an important part of our connection to source and the life energy that animates the body. refer to our souls as the 5D part of us. It has its own mind and its own way of doing things. It makes its own decisions and crafts its own plan for what it wants to experience in the world it is incarnating into. It plans for our lives would surprise you! Its considerations for our lives do not use the criterion of pleasant or unpleasant when it designs its plans for us. I know it is incredibly important for us to have pleasant experiences, the soul does factor this into its planning. Its decisions for us will surprise you.

The influence the implement is indirect and must go through the 4D information set (personality) that prevails in the individual. So its goals and desire express themselves as will. Though will is general and inarticulate. The soul finds itself limited and directed by the personality it is embodying. So for some parts of our lives, the plan is cohesive between soul and spirit (our 4D selves) For other parts of our lives this is a source of recurring internal conflict.

5. Past Lives

In a timeless universe, this is the experience that the soul brings to the party. Though how do you bring a past to a timeless place. You don’t, everything is happening at once. And all of the lives you’ve had and will have impact the life you are having now. Its a head-bender, but its for real. At least, this is my understanding of how it works, I’m sure it will be debated, so things work for me when I use this framework, which is why I share it.

So your 5 D soul is simultaneously plugged in to multiple incarnations. Imagine someone reading a story and inserting themselves into the story during their favorite parts. This is what the soul does with incarnating, at their dimensional layer, they have just as much command as we have over a book page. And when we choose, we can fold all the pages together and go and do something else. Our lives are that to the soul, almost flights of fancy and imaginings.

Though in a universe of magnetic information, clustering all those lives together like pages in a book, the magnets start to warp one another. You can see this in the diagram. So the past and future lives we have had and will have, impact us still. There is an information bleed between mildly separated magnetic fields. So when a great sadness is felt in one of those lives, the knowledge and sentiment of it migrates through all the other lives too.

It seems like a design flaw that one mistake in any of these lives drags continues to echo through the ages like this. To access the human hard drive requires some

I will also say that there is a reason why we do not remember our past lives. The magnetic hard drive (aura) is partitioned. We are able to access a limited amount of information in this form. It takes a bit of fancy footwork to access this information. The preferred method is called astral travel. It is the best way to get over the partition wall.


The human body and personality is designed for infinite variability. There are so many complex variables at play, the outcome is, at this point in time, unpredictable. This is because it is very common for different variables to be in direct conflict with one another. To be ‘in two minds’ about something is just different variables conflicting. And the challenge of being in constant conflict with one’s self about some thing or other is the silent battle that each individual faces. It is a joy, a conundrum and a burden.

Now, when psychological work emphasizes talking through our issues, we find it is only marginally effective. Or at least we did when I worked in Alcoholics Anonymous management. The reason for this is that by talking about it, we are accessing the information and only incrementally rescripting the content. With mystic techniques, we change from hard drive user to hard drive administrator and the pace and clarity through which we resolve these conflicts is massively increased and our understanding of the forces within it is broader.

The point and power of mysticism is to find new ways to access this human hard-drive and resolve these internal conflicts. As this hard-drive of the personality is combed through using mediation, then the conflicts are resolved and the much used term ‘inner peace’ results.


I hope this has been of some practical use to you all. Please do not hesitate to browse through my other work for more information.

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