1. Most people become spiritual to deal with a pain body, but don’t know it

Some of the key reasons people get involved in spirituality are to fix something that is ‘wrong with them’. Some of the most common ones are depression, anxiety and thinking too much. These are all key symptoms to having a pain body. A pain body is a foreign object in a person’s system and it requires specialist technique and process to remove them. In many cases, they are taught a meditation technique that does not deal directly with the pain body, and therefore, the thing they were seeking in  spirituality in the first place.

Orthodox positivity is not the correct response to this issue, though it is sold as the solution to all problems. So If you don’t get with the positive program, its your fault, not the program. This condition is patently unresponsive to orthodox positivity; but it is so poorly understood, that they do not have a treatment for it. The reason they don’t know how to handle it is because a pain body is deep negativity, and that’s why they are typically allergic to even talking about it. That is their biggest failing.

For those that suffer depression, overthinking, anxiety, insomnia, perfectionism or substance abuse, please take a look at painbody.org I go into more detail on this topic there.

  1. Stillness, de-stress and relaxation are not what meditation is for: It is to upgrade the mind.

When most people think about meditation, they think of it in terms of stress relief. It does do this, but that is not all it does. Some famous people in history who have done a whole lot of meditation are guys like Jesus, Moses, Mohammed, Buddha and Confucius. All of these guys are more than super calm, they are all super wise. Their books and ideas are still followed widely today because of the massive amounts of wisdom delivered to them through meditation.


Saying something is ‘meant to be’ is a total cop-out


  1. Meditation has as many meanings as the word exercise.

The buddhists teach a stillness meditation to begin with: mindfulness. After a few years of mindfulness, they start to teach something they call insight meditation. Also known as astral travel. So one of the most respected and powerful traditions on Earth train their initiates to walk the spirit places. The fight bad guys, help good guys there, create new emotions and discover new ways to become better people. They even build their temples in strategic locations to take advantage of ley lines or song lines on the Earth and use these to help all mankind.

  1. People mistake spiritual community for spiritual development.

The people who are super serious about spiritual development go and spend time on a mountain top. The pursue their spirituality ALONE, without distractions, somewhere quiet. Monasteries were built all over the world to create this type of environment. A community of spiritual people is a beautiful thing, but do not use it as a substitute for real meditation time.


People completely focused on love to the exclusion of all else
-you know who they are –
are not setting an example that I would like to follow.


  1. Love is not all there is

There is a lot of talk in the spiritual community about ‘love being everything’ and ‘everything is love’. It is kind of true, but kind of not true. Earth Humans have a 3 point evolutionary path. Primarily through the heart (love) but also through the brain (wisdom) and the solar plexus (power). These are the 3 thought processing centers in the body and only when all three are working well does the human flourish. So development of a human being cannot be as simple as a single word, it is the finessed and delicate integration of love, wisdom and power that makes people like Richard Branson and Elon Musk great. People completely focused on love to the exclusion of all else (you know who they are) are not setting an example that I would like to follow.


do not use spiritual community as a substitute for real meditation time.


  1. Free will and things being meant to be are mutually exclusive.

Fate is nonsense. It is not a law of existence at all. It has never met them. The system of therapy called Nuero-Linguistic Programming has absolutely ended the debate about fate and predestination vs free will. NLP trains people to examine time lines, in which the choices you are most likely to make at this point will lead you to this end. As soon as you change the causes for those particular choices, you will reach a different fate. Every time it is tested, it is proven.

So to say something is ‘meant to be’ is a total cop out. It is the statement someone makes when something goes wrong and they want to blame supernatural forces. Planet Earth is a free will zone and at every moment has choice. At any moment, a different choice form you can change the outcome of the situation. Your input to say something, or not, or do something, or not is exactly what creates the outcome. You are a co-creator and to use the words ‘meant to be’ is to deny your capacity to create whatever you want. It just may require more determination or action from that point in time to change the outcome.

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