Alistair Larmour

Why I Do This Work

Alistair devoted a decade to this study and pursued more styles, types and methods in this area than he can remember. It is both work and hobby for him. He can see directly to the heart of the issue immediately. Alistair has success with turning around medical, mental health and personal issues quickly and effectively.

No BS. Just Success.

90% of people seeking this kind of help are looking for help with their pain body. It is the most overlooked part of spiritual healing and personal development. So get in touch and see what change we can create for you.


Serenity Vibration Healing Instructor
Reiki Master
Theta Healer
Totem Animal Therapist
Medical Intuitive
Solid Crystal Healing Instructor
Liquid Crystal Healing Practitioner
Tantra Practitioner
Angel Intuitive
Russian New Knowledge Healer
Tarot Reader

My Life and Work

I didn’t plan to become a mystic. I just started meditating and it really worked wonders for me. It began out of need, and it became a passion. The results were so good it slowly took over my life. It became my life and work. With a difference.

Mysticism is usually embraced with starry eyes and simplistic faith. I took this work with eyes wide open. I studied hard with a dozen different teachers over the course of a few years. What made things different for me was ignoring what the teachers said and working the techniques very, very hard. Learning these techniques and meditating with them for hundreds and hundreds of hours, really coming to understanding of exactly what they do.

By not following an established belief system, by absorbing the ideas and practices behind as many different spiritual practices as I could. I say that I have studied many religions, but am loyal to none. By doing all this investigation, I came to some uncommon and effective conclusions. So I have slowly pieced together exactly what each practice is doing and what it was a treatment for. With all of this study, the techniques cross-pollinated and strengthened each other into a very effective tool kit for healing.


This is the story of someone who went from homeless junky to leading spiritualist. Along road of putting oneself back together after completely falling apart and losing hope. Often times, when things were at their worst, I would wonder if the life I had was worth continuing. There was no joy and no hope. I still don’t know how I kept going through those days.

My Life

My life has been fundamentally shaped by my battle with schizophrenia and alcoholism. These are things that do not show outward signs until a later age. So, although I was a weird kid, there wasn’t anything else to the matter. I did not involve myself with medical treatment of my issues because I didn’t trust the people delivering them. I grew up in a perfectly normal household in suburban Melbourne. I did well at school and continued on to university.

I want to experience energy work myself

A Free, step-by-step, experience based learning that is easy to understand and simple to apply.

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