Welcome to the world of the New Age. This is the place where 101 promises can come true. By implementing these simple attitude shifts, your financial situation can be turned around in just moments. We have all heard just how easy it is to generate more wealth in no time flat using these arcane methodologies. Some of the bigger ones are ‘The Secret’ and ‘The Law of Attraction’ and they are only part of the story.

It is a pretty basic secret: think hard about what you want to happen and then it will happen. It is very simple and straight forward and maybe a little too easy. Though I do remember a quote from one of the Renaissance figure that they repeated the thought to themselves for a decade or two before it became their reality.

It is a part of the secret of magic, but clearly not the whole thing. It is not that simple.

The Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction.

Another good example of oversimplifying is ‘The Law of Attraction.’ This basic premise is the same where if you concentrate on the event/object hard enough, it will come to you. Though it is also only half the story. I want you to notice that the key thing here is the power of positive thought. It is only half the story because it in no way takes into account the idea of negative thought.

The word ‘Attraction’ is a magnet word. The other half of the magnetic story is ‘Repulsion.’ Those are the only two things that magnets do. So in revealing the secret of magnetism of thoughts as attracting, they forgot to mention that thoughts also have the power of repelling. So some people’s thoughts create a bright red sports car in their lives, and others do not.

As an expert who lectures in the magnetic properties of thoughts, I have a lot to say on this subject. I talk on the magnetic powers of thoughts and the magnetism of the human body together. It explains the missing part of these two big ideas.


There is a very, very good reason why both ‘the secret’ and ‘the law of attraction’ focus only on the positive side of the story:

Piles and stacks of money - coins and US dollars

I am sure there are millions and millions of very good reasons why they kept half of the story to themselves. And that is that people have a real difficulty in accepting there is a negative aspect to themselves. That people don’t want to face their ugly side. Not many people in this industry want to come to terms with the fact that they are responsible for repelling the bright red sports car they always wanted.

I can’t imagine that very many people would want to come to a class called ‘The Law of Repulsion’!!!

So when these guys talk about getting everything they always wanted, then it sounds to me like a pyramid scheme! In order for them to get right to the top, then they had to sort out their negative thought patterns. So when they started to sell things they kept things light and fluffy and only told the part of their story that didn’t ask any self-analysis from their audience.

I have been in this field for 10 years now and self-analysis is CRITICAL to self-development and manifesting a new life around yourself. So for these guys to abandon half of the mechanism for getting everything you want; its just nasty.

These guys know that what they are teaching is only partially effective and not part of the way they did things themselves. It turns these ‘systems’ into a pyramid scheme. The guys at the top get rich while they just give promises to the people who follow them.

That is a pyramid scheme if ever I saw one.

Good luck to everyone involved