For those that suffer anxiety, it is a constant battle with themselves. This unrelenting tint that pervades every thought on a good day and dominates everything you do on a bad day. People tell them to ‘lighten up’ or be more optimistic. That doesn’t work. I’m sure they would have already done that if it was so easy.

It is like walking through daily life is like walking through a minefield. One can’t be sure whether the next step is going to blow up in your face, or the next one, or the next one. Just like being in a minefield, one never knows which way to go, or which direction to take. The threat is constant and false in reality, yet real to someone who is anxious.

It might be useful to add some definition to anxiety. The opposite of anxiety is safety or security. Anxiety is the feeling that at any moment, something terrible is about to happen. That no matter what they do, no matter what they say, the people or situation around them will turn on them and attack.

So where does this sense come from?

There are two endocrine glands that send false signals when in a state of anxiety.

The Amygdales are a danger sense activator. The best example of the amygdales making themselves useful is for a soldier in a war zone. They are in a state of constant danger and their alertness to sources of danger is acute. Every twig snap and rock shuffle is a source of potential danger and their senses are on high alert for that danger. The Amygdales secrete hormones that create the sense of danger and unsafety.

The Adrenal Glands are also activated in this bio-chemical state. These potentate the fight or flight response and keep the body in a state of alert for that moment. These reinforce the sense of danger, as danger is part of the biochemistry for the fight or flight mechanism.

I know in cases of anxiety that this mechanism is on constant alert. The human body is not built to do this. It is really bad for the health to have adrenaline in the bloodstream constantly. Adrenaline moves blood out of the internal organs and into the arms and legs. The strengthening of the arms and legs for emergency situations steals blood and nutrition away from the activities of the body that are required for its longer term survival: digestion, lymph, filtration and waste disposal are some of the things it shuts down.

Even more importantly, it also removes blood from the brain, so these people are not even thinking properly. When adrenaline is at its highest and people are in a state of panic, it is clear there is an absolute minimum of blood in the brain. No good decisions are being made. Incoming information is not being processed well at all.

The amygdales is the leader of these two glands. It is the amygdales which send the bio-chemicals to the adrenals telling them to activate. The strange thing is that no danger needs be present for the danger response mechanism to activate. The amygdales are acting on completely false information and causing a very unhealthy reacting in the mind and body.

So many Thoughts

So many Thoughts

Where is this false sense of danger coming from???

And that is a question we are yet to have an answer to.

Until Now.

This false message comes from a very specific source: the pain body. The pain body is an object that is mental and emotional only. The modern medical and psychological methods have no way to detect them. They are entirely outside of their awareness. If the case is serious enough, then a psychologist will prescribe

It is these pain bodies that create fear. This is their primary product. This is what they do. And they are the things that program the amygdales. In programming the amygdales and creating a sense of constant danger, the pain body fulfils its purpose. The person is in a state of irrational fear as though things are about to go wrong at any moment.

It is such a major operation to remove these things. It only takes a couple of hours, but the effect changes the course of a life time. So after dealing with 20,000 pain bodies in my career, it is a well developed system, that gets results. The kind of results most people have been waiting for a long, long time. A quiet descends on the mind, and people start thinking one thought at a time. The anxiety and sense of impending doom drift away and the headspace becomes a calm, quiet and gentle space to live in. Imagine what it would be like to drop the bulk of your emotional baggage all in one hit. Instead of feeling like you’re on the back foot all the time, people begin to have luxury problems.

This is my favorite thing to do for people. It lifts so much drama out of their life and spawns so many realizations about who they are. So feel free to get in touch and have a chat and see if this is the right thing for you. I’m looking forward to chatting with you soon.


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