The most common mistake with astral travel is trying to separate one of your astral bodies and have it float around and do stuff. This is not really the best way to do it.

Your astral bodies / subtle bodies / auric bodies belong in a certain configuration. Just like the hindu aura diagrams or the russian dolls. They are supposed to sit in a very specific order and connect with each other in very structured ways.

To separate one of these and have it fly around the universe works, but sometimes it is difficult to get it to leave the group and then you can have it sitting in the wrong place and all the connections it has connect to the wrong things.

This leaves people feeling sick and ill and really out of sorts for days. Headaches, not thinking properly, disorientation and feeling really, really sick for a while.

It takes time for the body to correct itself, so if you are going to use this method, then please know how to put your astral body back in the same place.


Thats it! Nothing else. Your awareness is the only thing that counts.

This part of you is also known as the observer. This is the part of you that is dispassionate and it exists before you were you. It is in your body right now, but it can come and go as you please.

You can take out one of your astral bodies, but it is only a vehicle to carry your awareness. You don;t need to involve your astral bodies because your awareness will travel on its own! You don’t need to put one of your subtle bodies at risk this way!!

Your awareness is what you are wanting to travel out and about.

Don’t astral travel in a bad mood.

If you are in a bad mood, the law of attraction states that you will attract things that match that mood. This is not a good time to go floating out. You are pretty sure to run into some nasty types floating around out there who will make your mood a lot worse.

When you travel angry, you will meet some anger spirits. When you travel sad, you will meet some sadness spirits. If you are laughing and joking when you go out, you’ll run into some of the best people!

So if you want to avoid running into the astral riff raff out there, don’t be in alignment with them when  you go out traveling. Put yourself in a good space before you go out and meet the kinds of spirits you would be happy to introduce to your parents.

I have friends who sing hymns and angel songs before they go out traveling . It may seem a bit daggy, but they always have the best time  out there travelling. This has been done by churches, synagogues, temples, mosques and everything in between for as long as anyone can remember.

Identifying friend from foe on the astral.

Floating around in this universe, you’re bound to meet some of the locals. And they are of incredible variety. They come in all shapes and sizes, colours, forms, appearances and dispositions. There is 10 times the variation that we have amongst people on our planet.

I am yet to read a complete or comprehensive list of all the beings that are floating around out there. So I lump them into 2 broad catagories: nice guys and nasties. Be aware that some of the nasties can alter their appearance to us on the astral planes, so it can be difficult to recognize them for what they are.

Keep in mind that you are probably new to this space. It is kinda like getting off the plane in Nairobi. You don;t know anyone there. And when you run into someone, you have no idea if this person helping you is an angel sent from heaven or a total bastard waiting for the opportunity to take advantage of you.

Two tests for friend from foe

Test 1

So these are the two tests that I still use. And to be honest, I know who my friends up there are and I don’t play with anyone I’m not introduced to. Though it takes a it of time to get to know who is who in this zoo. The first test is asking them to smile. It sounds strange, but what you’re looking at is their teeth. What you’re looking for is whether they have sharp, carnivores teeth, or flat herbivores.

The carnivores are the ones who are dangerous. On 3D Earth, we consider cannibalism to bit of a taboo. No such distinction exists on the astral. They don’t see a difference between animal and man like we do. Everyone is fair game.

Most of the beings you ask this to don’t realize that this is the test. The smile and the show of teeth shows you how this one makes his living. You should get away from beings who feed on their peers. In all situations.

Test 2

The second test comes from a dear friend and total badass on the astral planes. He learned all his skills and spells from the bible and the way he messes up demons is a delight to observe. His test of unknown beings is to ask them this question.

‘Do you acknowledge that Jesus Christ walked in the flesh on this Earth?’

Without going into the complexities of why the nasties cannot accept him: THIS WORKS. The nasties will do anything or say anything but acknowledge Jesus. Most of the time they will leave rather than acknowledge their greatest enemy of all time. They’ll pay him no homage.

If you find yourself in real trouble. If you find yourself cornered or surrounded by nasties. Reach out to me with your mind. I’m known as a bit of a gunslinger on the astral. To the extent that I had some of Lucifer’s mates show up in a matrix agent style way. They took control of this kid’s body and that was a truly one of a kind conversation. They threatened me a bit, they tried to spook me, but they know I am not vulnerable to them. One of the weirder days of my life, though you can measure your success in the quality of enemies you make, and I take it as a compliment to come to their attention.

The point I want to make here is that if you bite off more than you can chew. Call out for me. There is no limit to the number of representations someone can have on the astral. I routinely show up for people I know in this way and sort out problem situations. So if you need some help. Call out.


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