Stay in the NOW?

OK, don’t think about the future, don;t think about the past.

But what if I want to manifest sommething?

Don’t I need to think in the future to manifest something.

And planning.  If I am planning my work week, scheduling appointments. Looking at Birthdays comming up, and holidays and my career and a whole lot of other things, do I get permission to vacate the great and sacred ‘NOW’???

And what about the past. Is it not OK to think about the past?

What if I am trying to figure out one of my sabotage patterns? All of the signals of it are in my past behaviours. It is all in my memories. So is it wrong to go back into the past?

There is so much talk about the ‘NOW’ and being present.

I am coming to the conclusion that the ‘NOW’ is not the answer to all issues. It is the answer to a very specific issue. Pain Bodies.

Now Eckhart Tolle, who brought this philosophy into the mainstream presents the ‘NOW’ as the solution to all of our issues. And he gained a lot of traction in the spiritual community because his work passes a test. The simplicity and complexity test. It is something you can understand in 3 sentences, and maybe not fully describe in a 3 volume work. So ‘NOW’ing is a practice it takes 5 minutes to pick up and a lifetime to master.

Well, I think it has been misinterpreted as the answer to all problems.

It is the remedy to a very specific problem.

Pain Bodies.

I have also spent the last 10 years working with pain bodies. I see his work as a good solution to pain bodies. Years spent ‘NOW’ing will tame a pain body.

Though thinking in the future is only a problem if it is mixed with anxiety.  Anxiety is the product of having a pain body in the system.

Thinking in the past is only a problem if it is mixed with depression. Depression is another product of the pain body.

These two broad types of pain body create different maladies in the mind.

So being in the ‘NOW’ is not the answer to all questions. It is the remedy for having a pain body.

SO if you are struggling with this, or feeling guilty about your difficulty with ‘NOW’ing, then know that there are many experts at work on this issue.

I hope this is of help to you in straightening out what is going on with ‘NOW’. Know that spirituality has more than just the ‘NOW’ to offer you

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