Astral Travel Coursework

The last healing modality you’ll ever study.

Lesson by lesson, I introduce new levels and layers of exploration in the Astral Planes. The course is designed so that you experience all these features first hand, one step at a time. In doing so, you create your own understanding and strategies to implement changes within yourself and the world you are manifesting.


Discover for yourself, step by step, how to safely navigate the planes of existence. You will discover the new laws of physics prevalent in these spaces first hand. You will learn how to use many, many different techniques and their common applications as well as develop your own in time. You will also learn how to use them in conjunction with one another for very powerful results. If you already have some education in this, you will be able to use all your existing techniques through the base platform dimension we create for you, but these techniques will become much more powerful.

The classes are taught fortnightly, over the telephone. I will astral travel over there to make sure you are performing the techniques correctly. You are expected to do meditation for 20 minutes per day. During this time you are expected to use, explore and understand the techniques from the last lesson. So that we can move on to the next technique and you can learn even more about what the astral planes really have to offer you.



This course is for you if you want lead a happier life. This is a course designed to give you the tools to work through every trauma you’ve ever had. This course is a mix between a scientific base model with quantum physics principles applied throughout. Though this mixes with spirituality, because each culture had their own way of understanding these quantum principles; calling them a religion.

As children, we look at the world around us and decide how life is. We make conclusive decisions about how the world really is. Each experience forms part of a tapestry that creates our subconscious. We have an experience, through it we decide whether the world is nice or nasty, and that decision get put into the subconscious.

We have to live with these decisions our whole lives and have no way to remake our understanding of the world. Our personality is written by little kids. And this is the world we manifest: all our childish fears and hopes are played out for the rest of our lives.

Now if you watch my talk on magnetic fields, then you’ll come to understand that your subconscious is telling the world what to manifest for you.

What this course is for is for people who want to re-write the ‘facts’ of their subconscious. Your subconscious is telling the universe what life to give you. This course will give you a powerful base platform to start so you can transform your internal dialog. The work on the chakras is to repair and update your emotional organs. These are often neglected so it is worth knowing how to do this. The third part is about healing all of your relationships. So that your pain and emotional baggage doesn’t enter the relationship, and neither does theirs.

So by healing all of our traumas, our magnetic fields will not ask the universe to repeat them. The changes are internal and external. Once you understand it, it will become part of your daily life.

Change yourself and change your life.

Alistair is fun and easy to work with. Best decision I’ve made in my life!


I. Meditation

This healing system is designed to be powerful, adaptable and easy to use. This base platform is designed for use by new meditators and by veterans alike. Those who have studied other meditation types before will be able to use other techniques from this platform and will find them more powerful. This platform clears beliefs, patterns, core beliefs, sankara, thought patterns, emotional blocks, and negative thought forms or whatever other name you know this idea by. It works to rescript the DNA at a cellular level. This is done with profound astral technology built into the platform. It is like a car, we all know how to drive them, but few know what is going on under the hood. I made this platform for drivers, though I will train you to be a mechanic. It is the head start in this field you dreamed of.

II. Chakras

This is about the Chakras, yes, I know you’ve heard about the Chakras, though this takes a much more advanced approach than just calling them “energy centers.” The chakra system is our emotional anatomy. I teach a 13 chakra system that is incredibly comprehensive in its scope. What a chakra is, how it works, how we express through it, how they relate to each other and the aura as a whole, as well as the covering the communication channels between chakras and how these impact the decision making process. We want these emotional organs in good shape. It makes for a happier life and better relationships with yourself and others. Very comprehensive.

III. Transference

The 13 sacred rays and energy exchange. This is about the octave of energy and its constituent parts as defined by color. This is the basis of Pranic Healing and you will pick this up along the way. With this level of analysis of a relationship, it is impossible to be lied to again. It is also possible to repair difficult relationships and co-create new outcomes and depth into what we do. Just wondrous.



This course is for those who want explore more of this work or head towards being a professional in this field. We have several different sources of personality and each of them is a deep well of knowledge on its own. Understanding the sources of personality and how each part contributes to the whole is exciting and wondrous.

In this unit of study, expect a lot of ‘ah-ha’ moments. This is where connections are drawn to inexplicable behaviors in your nearest and dearest. Each of the people in your family have some of the same DNA personality programming, so the flaws repeated throughout the family lines can be found and stopped. Also, the bulk of the people close to you are people you have lived lives with before. To see the patterns you repeat again and again together can be found to give clarity in exactly what is going on in each of these relationships.

There is some theory you are required to absorb, but the applications are literally out of this world.

Qabalah (alt. Kabbalah) is an aspect of Jewish mysticism. It consists of a large body of speculation on the nature of divinity, the creation, the origin and fate of the soul, and the role of human beings. It consists also of meditative, devotional, mystical and magical practices which were taught only to a select few and for this reason Kabbalah is regarded as an esoteric offshoot of Judaism. In general usage, the spelling qabalah is used to distinguish the variation of kabbalah used by western or hermetic magicians from Jewish mystical kabbalah.

Alistair really is incredible at what he does. Empowering!


I. Sources of Personality

Past Life Regression
We are born into this world to deal with the problems we got involved in during our previous incarnations. We have a pattern of behavior with these people time and again and repeat these interactions in different contexts over and over until we enter an equal resolution of events. The problem is, more often than not, we repeat the same mistakes. The point of this training is to see the people in your life now, understand what your past patterns have been with them and resolve them before they become a problem.

Coming to grips with deeper understandings of why we meet the people we meet, why we have the interaction we do are all part of a repeating cycle of incarnating with the same people over and over again, with this training, you can neutralize these painful experiences before they happen and prevent the two of you repeating them in future incarnations. Very powerful.

DNA Restructuring
When they sequenced the human genome, they really made a mess of it. They accounted for 4% of the genome’s function. The rest of it they named ‘junk DNA.’ That 4% is the instruction kit on how to build the human physical body.

Think of DNA like a computer code. Instead of ‘1’ and ‘0’ as the two parts of a binary code, DNA should be thought of as a quaternary computer code, using ‘C’, ‘T’, ‘G’, and ‘A’ as the base letters. 4% is enough programming material to tell the cells what to grow into. It tells the cells how to become and arm, or a heart, or a liver. All the information needed to create the super complex machine that is the human body. And that is just 4%!!
There are two other things that I am sure the DNA does what the genome sequencers failed to detect. One is the software that tell the different body parts how to function. Like telling the heart how many times to beat in a minute and when to speed up and slow down. Telling the pancreas to produce insulin – or not. Coming to understand these software is the first part of medial intuition.

The second thing the DNA carries, in my humble opinion, is personality. Those character traits that run throughout the family, stubbornness, insight, a talent for music or mathematics. These things are programmed into the DNA. These kinds of personality traits and skill dispositions are already there in the child at birth. According to psychology, a child is a blank slate when it is born, but for those of us who hold a new born child in their arms, we know there is already a personality in that body. This is not possible with psychological theory. So I encourage you to double check this the next time you are around an infant and see this gap in scientific understanding of personality.

This skill set gives you the play with and reprogram the DNA to your pleasure. I have quite a bit of material pertaining to slowing the aging process as well.

II. Time Manipulation

Rewrite the Past: This is a very powerful technique that allows you to access any moment in time and re-assess what was happening then, and intervene to impact the outcome. In the lessons of life, sometimes we fail when the test comes around. All of the tests you failed in the past were about having the right attitude. We can go back to the moment where we used the wrong idea and change the idea we had. Imprint the experience not as a disappointment, or with sadness, regret or anger, but change our attitude to events towards something a lot more positive, understanding, forgiving and empowering.

Rewrite the Future: When fate weaves her tangled skene and the future is something you plan for but are not quite sure about: this is where this work comes in. We have multiple potential avenues of life available to us. Knowing what they look like and how to choose them is a different matter altogether. Creating your future life is as simple as employing these techniques. Using these skills is really about plotting the course of your future. Direct yourself towards the life you always dreamed of. Using these time manipulation skills, you can always direct your future to its highest end



Who else is out there? Find out what all the fuss has been about over the ages and see what they have to offer through direct connection with the being of fable.

This is where it takes a turn to the mystic side. We have been working in other dimensions for some time up until this point. This is the opportunity to show you some of the beings that live in these locations permanently. These are the friendly beings that float around in this space here that can help us.

In visiting these beings and having first hand experience of them, we are able to have our own interactions with the ‘gods’. Small ‘g’ gods that is. In doing so we can discover the character and basis of religions themselves. To directly connect to and co-create with these beings is a pleasure, a privilege and a joy.

The skills I learned from Alistair make the world my oyster.


I. Ascended Masters

All the people who perfected prayer and performed miracles out there are floating around waiting to meet us. They are all here to help us and show us around the astral planes. They have so much to offer us and so many ways to communicate. I will teach you the 6 best functions they have that I know about. I’m sure you will enjoy it.

II. Gods and Deities

Along with that I will show you how to introduce yourself to the many different pantheons of deities we have in our world, from Norse Odin, to Egyptian Ra, to Greek Zeus, Shiva, Shakti and small ‘g’ gods from anywhere in the world and any mythology you want to explore. Who these guys are, what they do and how they work. Double check what your priests are saying with this.

III. Angels

These guys are not all that they seem. They are of immediate aid to us in many, many ways. However, their agenda here on Earth is not necessarily something we would choose if we were aware of it. I will introduce some of the Arch Angels and demonstrate their friendly complicity for you to assess. A tricky conundrum that goes against most theologies, but I’ll give you the evidence and tools to make up your own mind.



This is more about healing theory and overarching systems that help us to understand the nature of healing. This is an field of study that leads to an incredible amount of speculation about these aspects of spirituality. Even more so when they are placed in a religious context with all the supporting dogma.

This unit of learning covers a couple of systems that have an all-encompassing theory that explains exactly what we are doing with this work. Both systems present a map of human consciousness and offer a method of understanding the chaos of human personality. Each of them explore the relationships between different emotional groups and how the ‘circuitry’ of human though processing is put together.

There are more than a few courses about Qabalah, this one will offer a lot more than theory and give plenty of practical applications for its use. There is also a treatment of Qabalah’s history and its suspected origins. It is used by all the monotheistic (one god) religions based around the Mediterranean, and also gave birth to Tarot. It is of critical influence in ancient, medieval and modern religious movements.

The decoding of sacred geometry is a first. I do not believe this work is available anywhere else in the world. Sacred geometry is the language through which thought and emotions speak before they are translated into words. It is also the base coding language for creation. The aspect that I cover in this module is how it works as a method of transmitting ideas in subconscious communication.

This system also offers a way of checking if someone is FULLY HEALED. This is a world first in healing technology. Though analysing all the different language combinations and capacities, we can see just where the strong and weak points in a personality really are. This is the cutting edge of healing and the next direction of healing work.

Learn some of the secrets from this thousands of years old system of magic. Perhaps the oldest magic in circulation. This is a system of healing and magic that has stood the test of time.

I have never heard all of this esoteric stuff put so clearly and simply in my life. Alistair makes it all really easy to understand.


I. Qabalah

Qabalah is a map of the human personality. Qabalah is a perfected manifestation system. Qabalah is a method of direct contact with the divine. Qabalah is a method of healing. Qabalah is a method of mindset shifting. Qabalah has a potential that is huge, ancient and has been the foundation stone for schools of magic and entire cultures for all of recorded history and probably prior to that. There are many courses that are theoretical in nature and only describe the work that is possible through this system. This course is about practical applications.

II. Sacred Geometry Decoded

Sacred geometry is the universal language of existence. The fact that it has finally been decoded after thousands of years in mystic and mathematical circles is a signal of a new era for humanity. This tool kit will revolutionize the way we approach healing and its goals, activities and effectiveness. It offers a way of categorizing healing systems and directing healing projects in a way that has not been seen before. A map of a human personality, a healing method and a new technology for humanity.