I think this technology is a little under represented here on Earth. So I am giving away this course during September to see just how many people want to be involved in energy work across the globe.

This is NOT my major work, but a taste of what can be done

Have a look at my astral travel course here

You will receive an extension on the training you have already done. There are many forms that are not taught conventionally that are taught here


You will receive more flexibility in the work you do.You will also receive new forms and styles with which to apply your work and do more with it. As well as extend the different types of energy healing available to you.


You will receive a clear and direct contact method with these energies and many more. This will extend your practice and spell work and broaden what it is possible for you to do.


This is something that came through while I was camping at a sacred site. This is unique training to my knowledge and it gives you the capacity to harness the forces of nature.

I want to experience energy work myself

A Free, step-by-step, experience based learning that is easy to understand and simple to apply.

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