The new-age coverall of ‘giving it love’ can turn out to be the worst idea of the all. This case is a perfect example of the over-simplifying of a very technical art. Many new-agers thing of energy as an amorphous blog that covers everything and we are swimming through a giant bowl of energetic custard. It is actually much more structured and systematic than most people believe. Read to the end to understand the whole story.

As is the case with Jane (Not her real name). When I met her she told me she was born with the power to move energy. That she could see energy and do amazing things with it. I told her that I was impressed, though I was curious to know why she had sought my assistance.

She told me that she was blacking out on a regular basis. That she was losing control of her body for long periods of time. That she came to and found herself on the side of the road having just come off her scooter. Now that is a scary situation. A very scary situation. Who knows what might happen to her next.

As it turns out, one of her friends also told me that she appeared drunk a lot of the time. I have worked with lots of alcohol abuse cases and she didn’t fit the pattern. It was a really strange case. So after a bit of investigation, this is what it turned out to be: the ghost of her ex-boyfriend was attached to her. He had died an alcoholic death some time ago.

Now I have dealt with many, many cases of ghost attachment and none of them resulted in black-outs, ‘losing time’ or periods of action without memory. People just think about their loved one a lot and don’t move on. The mourning process goes on and on. That is the effect of having a ghost attached. Not the extremity of it taking over the physical body, ghosts just can’t do that!


I think it is pretty standard for the love and light crew…

to fall over their own incompetence.


So how did this happen: she gave the ghost love. She gave it energy. She gave and she gave and she gave. In giving the ghost so much energy, she turned it from an ineffectual annoyance to a serious danger to her life. In giving it so much energy, she fed her problem. It used the extra dimensional mass she kept feeding it to grow. And it grew larger than her. Large enough, so that when it really wanted to express its final wishes: to be black-out drunk, it had no trouble feeling that through her.

Giving it love. Giving it energy was what made a nuisance a serious problem. Giving it love was exactly the wrong thing to do. As she said, she knew how to move energy, how to see energy. She had never had any training, nor did she think she needed any. Though she was well regarded in the community as a healer.

I think that situation is just weird. I also think it is pretty standard for the love and light crew to do this sort of thing. By this sort of thing, I mean fall over your own incompetence. It is her own ego that told her she knew everything about energy because she could see it. Though I feel she is a lot like a musician who has natural talent, but can’t read music notation: she gets lost when it gets a little complex.


The reduction of all emotions to a scale of love and fear is false.

Humans are evolving through love, wisdom and power.


Though, to be honest, the case was not that complex to begin with. She made it more complex through her own actions. Not only that, she failed to identify a fairly standard spiritual event. So standard that most cultures address it in their funeral rights. To prevent ghosts of the dead attaching to those closest to them.

Whatever the case, love and giving it energy are not the only ways to deal with things. I just strikes me as naive to think there is one answer to all problems. For those who have heard that all emotions can be reduced to a scale of love and fear just dumbfounds me in its simplicity.

Human beings are evolving in three arenas simultaneously: love, wisdom and power. So the single line of assessment between love and fear is just oversimplification. Its sad, but it is what passes for wisdom in love and light culture.

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