Yep. It was a proud moment to be outsmarted by a tree.

How does that happen? Well let me tell you the story.

I was traveling through the countryside with a girlfriend and we were camping in a beautiful spot. We woke up in the morning, looked around and made ourselves a cup of coffee and some muesli.

We were just joking around when she said “I WANNA DO SOME MAGIC! C’MON, LETS PLAY MAGIC”

So that’s what we did: we did some magic.

The kind of simple thing that we could do together. So we went up to the tree and communed mind to mind.

We started our ‘conversation’ with this tree, it is purely mental the exchange. There are no words.

Strangely enough, we talked about the weather. It was common ground. I don’t really know what trees are into! We talked about how much she liked sunshine. How much she likes the ground to be so full of water the ground is muddy.

That’s what she was into.

We checked with each other and found that we were having the same conversation and being telepathic with the tree.

We kept ‘talking’ to the tree and having a good time.

At the end of the conversation, we asked the tree if there was anything we could do for her. She was a eucalypt, so she dropped a lot of branches. She asked us if we could help her clean up the mess.

One smart tree

One smart tree

So the two of us walked over to a massive log, two or three hundred kilos of wood. The two of us strained all of our muscles and groaned at the effort. When we stood up, it was immediately clear that this log was WAY TOO BIG for any two people to move.

Feeling a bit funny, still half in a trance, we turned around to the tree and asked what happened.

The tree just laughed at us. It was having a grand old chuckle that we were trying the impossible. It loved watching us sweat! Cheeky bugger!

When we looked up, we could hear the whole forest laughing at us.

So we packed up and got the hell out of there!

So if you take your spiritual practice too seriously, remember to laugh at yourself along the way.

And stay on the look-out for smart-ass trees.


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