6 ways to change your life.

This is so easy: we all know what to do to be better people, but here is a reminder.


This one is criminally easy. It is as simple as making the right choice when we buy food. Food tasting good is not a good enough reason to eat it. In fact, the fact that it tastes good probably means that it is nutritionally barren.

Furthermore, if you are eating sugar and chemistry laden foods, you are actually feeding the parasites in your body, not your body. Most of that type of chemistry and processed sugar is actually undigestible to the human body. You are feeding the parasites; they are the ones creating the cravings. Starve the squatters out of your intestines. Stop eating shit.


This is just fundamental.
Your body thrives on movement. It is built for it. Once your body gets provoked into creating energy, then it will create more. The more exercise you do, the more you can do. Not just more exercise; you can do more everything. Absolutely everything. Get into it, you;ll really enjoy it.


Since most people spend their last waking hour flaking out in front of a screen. You won’t miss it. It is a no-brainer to get up earlier and enjoy the first hour of the day instead of enduring the last hour. You will be stunned what kind of an effect it will have to your sense of well being.

That first hour is completely yours to use as you will. There are no distractions. There are no excuses. This is time you can use to really fill your own cup. To really enjoy yourself. If you do nothing other than enjoy the silence, then you have succeeded. Peace of mind is yours.

Though whatever kind of project you really want to do, but can;t find the time for, then this is that time.
Whatever it is that makes you happy, this is your time to do it. No more excuses, and no more putting it off. Using this hour will change your life immensely.


The benefits of mediation are well studied. Everyone knows that there is something special about people who meditate regularly. The benefits cannot be well enough described. Take a class or two and learn how. The internet has a plethora of styles if you cannot find a class near you.

Being a meditation teacher and therapist, I could spend all day telling you what this single thing does for so many people. What you will learn through this will completely take you by surprise: all real knowledge is counter-intuitive. You’ll love it.


It is so easy to do this one. As westerners, we are raised with self-esteem issues. Believe me, as a professional therapist; EVERYONE has self-esteem issues. By giving people compliments, you are donating the thing that everyone is looking for: approval. You are making things a little bit better for everyone else and improving the quality of the relationships you have.

It may be hard to think of them off the top of your head, so you might have to plan a few at first. Seriously, plan a couple of compliments to the people around you. You know them and you know what it is about them or what they do that you can acknowledge. Be honest, be sincere; Watch how people react. You will be surprised.


Just the exercise of reading on a regular basis keeps your brain limber. The multiple processes at work in your brain when you read are a great way to keep yourself mentally fit. Not only that, you might just learn something!

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