NO is not a dirty word…

No does not require an explanation.

No is not rude: you are not wasting anybody’s time if you say it.

No will not push people away.

No is not the end of the relationship.

No is strength, no is power, no is self-respect.


wwwsSo many people that I work with have trouble with this word. It is somehow widely assumed that this word is destructive and harmful to use.

For people who cannot say ‘no’, they can be drawn into many, many ridiculous situations simply for the failure to say no.

People who cannot say ‘no’ are quite often spending their time working for other people’s projects, or for the greatness of others. Being the wind between someone’s wings…. Do you want someone to sing that song for you? …. Probably not.

The misconception around this is that if you say ‘no’, that other person won’t be your friend any more. This is a reality for some people, but the fact of the matter is, saying ‘no’ every now and again makes people respect you more.

‘NO’ is how people have boundaries. For people to protect their personal space and protect their personal rights, ‘NO’ is the only way. Boundaries are healthy, normal and good and ‘NO’ is the best way to enforce them.

The fact that you say ‘no’ every now and again actually makes people respect you more. That’s right, more respect. The fact that you said ‘no’ means that next time, they know they will have to offer something better than last time. Saying ‘NO’ will bring you better offers.

Saying know will improve the quality of your friendships and your pass times. You won’t get stuck doing something you don’t want to do just to maintain the relationship.

You will have a better quality of friendships.

‘NO’ is the doorway to stop those friends who take and take.
‘NO’ is the doorway to reclaiming your time.
‘NO’ is the doorway to reclaiming yourself.
‘NO’ is the doorway to a better lifestyle.

‘NO’ is the path to getting more respect.
‘NO’ is the path to higher quality engagement with people
‘NO’ is the path to having better boundaries.
‘NO’ is how you get a better life.

You already know who your ‘NO’ is for, so line yourself up and see the results.
So your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to say ‘NO’ to someone.


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