Pain Body Release to Quiet Your Mind

Gain Focus and Feel Happy

  • Thinking too much
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Compulsive Behaviour
  • Perfectionism and OCD
  • Drug & Alcohol Abuse
  • Insomnia
  • Recurring Negative Thought Patterns
  • … and Much Much more….

Without you knowing it…

Pain bodies are often the reason you feel bad or lose control of your thinking in certain situations.

Your pain body has gone unnoticed because science is only beginning to have the tools to be aware of them, and those tools are still tucked away in labs and research stations.

So you’ve suffered for years. Or struggled… to overcome a disruptive behavior that does not seem to “fit” with who you feel you really are at your most strong, unshakable core.

Pain Bodies Nurture Negative Thinking

Your disruptive behavior begins as negative thinking that interferes with what you really want to be doing. (You’re seldom aware of when negaive thinking starts.) Negative thinking detours your reasoning and best
intentions, even after countless promises to yourself to do better “next time”.

Glancing back at your life, it is clear your negative thinking has dictated the extent of your success, at times even prevented you from achieving more. It often controls how well you can relax and “be in the moment” to enjoy
what you are doing.

Conventional wisdom will name the disruptive behavior you’re trying to quit, “a character flaw”. And if you accept that wisdom without challenge, you live a compromised life, unable to express your greatness.

Realize that the pain body creating your dark thinking –forcing your unwanted behavior and mood— actually exists… and is removable. When it is gone, you will be happy and your mind quiet, free of cravings
for food or drugs or whatever else haunts your mind.

Hi,my name is Alistair Lamour.

During my search, to help friends overcome alcohol and drug addictions, I was blessed with the knowledge to clear auras of life damaging pain bodies.

It has since become my mission to remove the pain bodies that pollute auras and prevent you from focused thoughts and success.

Pain bodies are energy deposits that latch in your aura to control your thinking and drain your energy.

Aura Energy Can Change Your DNA

Epigenetics is the study of how your environment influences your behavior. Epigenetics studies how the energy fields of your environment affect your thoughts and change your DNA. And how the changed DNA remains, to influence
your behavior and thinking later.

Epigenetics is advancing as machines to see the previously invisible or too small are developed.

Every 21st-century hospital has amachine called a Magnetic Resonance Imager (MRI). An MRI is used to measure the electromagnetic field emanating from you and flowing through your aura.

By capturing the strength of your body’s magnetic field, how well your body parts function can be studied. Including how well you think.

Julia Bartrop – Chinese Medical Doctor

I’m a Doctor in Chineses medicine. I use acupuncture, herbal medicine, cupping and massage. So I am use to being in a healing modality.

However, Al’s healings are a little different to mine.

Al is able to access the higher dimensions which we ourselves can’t access, so he can actually get to deep emotional levels and clear those out, as well as other things which can be affecting us

So my healing to day, we got rid of a lot of anger, a lot of frustration and a lot of negative energy which I guess has been buzzing around in my mind, preventing me from accessing my own information and being able to listen
to my true self.

So if you are prepared to move forward I can highly recommend Al. It is going to be the best healing that you are ever going to have.

MRI machines are helping science learn how the energy fields of your environment merge with your aura and affect the energy flowing into your body.

Like the fields of two magnets brought close together can attract or repel each other, your aura can be strengthened or weakened by energy sources near you, including the thoughts of others.

Your Aura is a Two-way Filter

Thoughts, that begin in your head as an electrical signal, create a magnetic field (recognizable by an MRI) and radiate energy through your aura, affecting it.Positive thoughts strengthen and negative thoughts
weaken your aura.

Your aura acts as a buffer. It filters the energy flowing in and out of your body. When you are happy and near someone else, your energy can ‘infect’ the other person to become happy, after they’ve
spent a few minutes in your company.

Reversely, when another person nearby is sad and your thinking is not positive enough to keep your aura strong, you can become sad. Because some of the energy flowing in your aura returns to your body through
the top of your head.

Pain Bodies Attach to Your Aura

A pain body is an energy deposit rooted in your aura. Once a pain body lodges it drains vitality from the energy flowing through your aura, polluting the energy returning to your body through the top of your

The polluted energy has a low vitality or vibration. It degrades your thinking, toward being negative –a low-level energy state. Overtime, the polluted energy can affect your physical body too, as your body
tries to clean the pollution to elevate your vibration.

Pain bodies are common but can’t attach when your aura is strong enough to repel them. When your aura is weak, there’s opportunity for a pain body to attach.

Feeling stress, guilt, fear or anger are a few common ways to weaken your aura.



This is how Pain Bodies appear in the Aura




Psych Ward

Most pain body carriers are born with their pain body. Host carriers can grow up not knowing another way of being and wrongly accept their pain body as, “part of who I am”.

Long-term attachment of a pain body can cause you to feel physically tired and sick.

Pain Bodies are Opportunistic

You can also acquire a pain body when they replicate and jump hosts. Being in a negative environment that stresses can trigger a fight or flight response that weakens your aura and gives opportunity for a pain
body to lodge.

Soldiers returning from combat zones almost always have pain bodies. Few are able to get release by themselves. Many times healthcare workers become pain body carriers too through so much contact with other
pain body carriers.

Traumatic incidents during childhood are often the origins of a pain body because an aura is weak during trauma, or what you perceive as traumatic.

(The undeveloped coping skills of children make them vulnerable to attack by pain bodies.)

Clean Your Aura’s Energy

Your environment has always affected your thoughts, but until the science of epigenetics –and its advanced tools of measurement– environment was not considered to influence the cells of your body and your

Science and medicine do not believe something exists until it is measurable. Machines, like the MRI, are only beginning to be developed with the sensitivity to discern the world beyond the physical.

To release your pain body your aura needs cleaning. Energy returns to your body with more coherence once pain bodies aren’t available to disrupt the energy flowing around you.

But cleaning your aura is difficult. Because your pain bodies are sticky. They don’t want to let go and can attach themselves to an inexperienced healer.

Techniques to remove pain bodies safely are part of ancient wisdom and difficult to uncover. I only learned the methods for clearing auras because, well… I’m stubborn.

It’s NOT a Disease

I suffered from pain bodies feeding off my aura energy.

Before I knew they could be removed.

My pain bodies distorted my energy towards anger, drugs and alcohol. I used Alcoholics Anonymous and their 12 Steps program a few times to overcome my addictions.

I was struck by how everyone in AA meetings could not describe the source of their addiction.

When I started AA, I believed diseases were a body-thing, generally. (I bought into the conventional mind-body-split lie of Big Pharma too.) But when I finished AA’s 12 Steps, I was proof, and was surrounded by proof, that
it was often possible to control a disease with a disciplined mind.

Labels like “disease” did not feel right.

I knew from experience that my moods got me to drink and use drugs. At least at the start…and that every day clean, I needed to choose to not relapse. I felt in my guts that the origin of my addiction –and
cravings once I got clean– was a mind-thing more than a body-thing.

Pain Body First Encounter

Now, Step 11 of Alcoholics Anonymous is about prayer and meditation. But almost nobody practices that.

I started.

On a hunch that it was important, I started meditating seriously, trying dozens of different styles over three years.

It was during one New Age Spirituality meditation training class that I consciously encountered a pain body for the first time. During a course of 3 days, a 1 hour workshop revealed pain bodies, just to show
the class the phenomenon.

Night-time Searches

After that workshop, every night, I meditated to get rid of the pain body that lingered after my 12-Steps. I experimented with what I’d learned in class, trying all sorts of crazy variations.

But my pain body wouldn’t budge.

Then, after four months… I did it. I released my pain body.


My mind was quiet. I didn’t have cravings. I no longer had to wrestle with demons all day, every day.

When what I had done sunk in, I knew my discovery was too important for anything else to get in the way. The release of so many of my 12 step issues –in one night– was too great of a victory to ignore.

Excited, I went to my 12 Step friends and tried to help them out, but couldn’t repeat my success.

Victory Undone

I was greatly disappointed to not be able to free people I saw struggle with anguished thoughts. Friends. Whom I could not help.

I could hardly stand by and watch. I knew there was a solution… somewhere.

There had to be… because I’d found it once.

I started over.

I studied with a couple of different spiritual teachers only to soon realize, they were fumbling around with the same issues I faced. At best, their methods were hit and miss as well.

I wanted to find techniques that worked consistently and was prepared to dive into the deep end of practices.

So I went on a spiritual pilgrimage to India.

Secrets Revealed

I spent a year traveling around India. I went to ashrams, sacred sites and experienced many rituals in my quest for answers. The journey was amazing for how my awareness of energy and energy healing expanded.

But what I discovered in the town of Rewalsa eclipsed everything…Rewalsa is a town devoted to the worship of a man named Padmasambovar. He was one of Buddhism’s early heroes. He wrote many texts that
are still widely studied after over 2000 years.

I went to Rewalsa and prayed in its main temple.

That night, my dreams were filled with Padmasambovar showing me techniques for dealing with pain bodies. Everything I’d traveled to India to learn was revealed to me.

Back to the Future…

I have ancient knowledge I believe the world needs returned to help end suffering.

Since my dream of Padme Sambovar I have dealt with over 20,000 pain bodies and treated over 3,400 people. I have developed methods that result in the consistent healing.

I can clear 2 pain bodies in one 90 minute session. Usually, two removed pain bodies are enough to heal any issue you have.

Any distance separating you from me is irrelevant. The techniques for removing pain bodies work over distance.

What You can Expect

During your session, everything happens in the higher energy domains. I’m able to see your pain bodies and conduct their release. We chat on Skype throughout. Often, one or two Skype calls is enough to
completely clear all your pain bodies.

You only need to relax and enjoy your session. Your session will be peaceful and simple.

After your healing session, you may notice an immediate change.

Though, more likely, it will take several days for you to become aware of changes to your thought patterns. (Changes in your thinking will become more obvious as you experience different outcomes for situations
that, before,pain bodies controlled.)

Or, what may happen is that close friends and family will notice changes in your behavior, even when you don’t.

Generally, after every session for a particular issue, your internal negative talk drops away and you stop beating yourself up with your thoughts. You become relaxed, your mind quiets. Many people describe
the effects as “silence” or “open space”.

What is it worth to you to get released from the pain bodies that control and interfere with your life?

I have helped clients have near instant relief from life-long physical and mental symptoms of pain body infection after only one healing session to remove the source of their condition.

Choose What You Need

  • Regular

    Pain Body Removal

  • 1 Session
  • 90 Minutes per Session
  • Feel the Difference Guarantee
  • $199

  • Intensive

    Pain Body Removal

  • 3 Sessions
  • 90 Minutes per Session
  • Feel the Difference Guarantee
  • $499

This is an easy decision. Why suffer any longer now that you know your pain body can be removed in as little as 90 minutes?

Book your session now to get released from your pain body, as soon as possible. Start living happier and healthier.

Don’t let your pain body hijack your thinking and talk you out of getting rid of it for good. (Your pain body wants to keep infecting you.)

PS: Your release from the pain bodies infecting your aura and controlling your life is insured by my “Feel the Difference Guarantee”. Order now, receive ancient healing wisdom that has benefited thousand of
others, and become the better version of you that you want to be.

I am doing this… to talk about how Alistair is changing my life –completely.

I grew up in a conflict environment so my vision of life was not a fairly tale.

Since I can remember I have had anxiety, depressive symptoms, ten years of eating disorders… and all of this followed by shame.

I was surviving by keeping my brain super super busy all the time.

I studied architecture. And then I was waiting for the weekends to get wasted and to rest a little bit.

I could not understand why people would enjoy holidays at all. When I had free time I would get crazy with all these thoughts.

What I did not know is that not everybody has these negative thoughts all the time. This I did not know.

So I almost lost hope of having control of my life.

Until last year when I crashed, I had to stop, because all of these things effected me physically as well. So I started finding solutions. I did my intentional world…

I was a bit skeptical about all of this stuff at first.

And then one day Alistair appeared in my YouTube recommended videos. I clicked on it. I liked a lot what he was talking about.

And so with one session of an hour and a half he cleared my pain body and wow… he changed my life.


Like, I experienced silence for the first time.

I was happy.

I did not have all these negative thoughts, all the time… it was crazy.

I was very happy.

Then, in another second session we worked on my eating disorders and he got to the root cause.

He eliminated … and now everything is gone. I have normal eating habits, which I never thought would be possible.

Things I never experienced before are happening to me now.

And two months ago I started learning with him. And I can tell you, “I am the happiest girl ever.”

I’m quitting anti-depressants which I started taking ten months ago.

And yet, I have never felt happier, really.

Also, like Alistair gives you the tools to be able to solve all your problems by yourself. So, he gives you a lot of relief or safety.

I am super, super, super glad that there are people like Alistair in the world.

And, thank you Alistair, you saved my life.

Ester - Architect

I met Alistair when… I was at a point in my life of asking why now, why me, what is the purpose in all of this, what is my purpose? We can all be at this point in our lives sometimes.

What he gave me was this key to unlock all the answers that were just beyond my reach. This higher understanding of who I am and what I am doing here. And it is amazing…

I use to have this really awfull skin condition Exema and it was all over my body. I have suffered with it since I was  little girl.

He really helped me undeerstand why it was there and how these repeating patterns in my life, the things that I did on an ongoing basis affected me on such a deep level that it imprinted into my body that it actually
manifested into my skin.

So… it is much better, like eczema free.

He has given me the this beautiful key to help myself in ways that are almost indescribeable with words.

I’m so grateful.

Amanda - Yoga Teacher


I want to experience energy work myself

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