In the spiritual community, NO is a word to be avoided like the plague

The greatest spiritual downfall of the new-age community is the near collapse of the solar plexus chakra.

It results in so many of the worst behaviors in this community because people are unable to express the necessary emotions required to resolve the situation.

They cannot say ‘NO’. There is a serious shortage of boundaries in this community.

Boundaries are expressed through the solar plexus chakra (SPC), and this is something the new-age community is notoriously bad at.

So what if one of the commonalities of the spiritual community was a broken SPC?
Let me explain.

The SPC is a valve. What flows through the valve? Self-Assertion.

A person’s ability to use and understand self-assertion is held in the SPC.

The valve spins both ways, one spinning to express self-assertion, the other absorb the self-assertion of others.

This is the important part.

To say more,  When someone is telling other  people what to do, then the valve is turning clockwise and pushing energy out.

When someone is accepting instructions from other people, then the valve is turning anti-clockwise and taking energy in.

This information is not commonly known, even in the cacophony of talk about Chakras.

Now if someone is passive aggressive, it means that their SPC does not turn clockwise. For whatever reason, they are unable to assert their will or their needs when required.

If someone’s SPC does not turn anti-clockwise, then the person is unable to hear other people’s will. ‘He can’t be told’ might be a good way to describe his state. Many of these people are active or would-be tyrants.

Though the spiritual community is particularly afflicted with SPC disfunction. Without being able to turn the SPC clockwise, then a lot of passive aggressive starts to come into play.

When someone is unable to express their self-assertion on the spot when it is most needed, the energy sits inside them and waits. Self-assertion left inside the body unexpressed turns to anger.

And if you can’t assert yourself directly, this turns into passive aggressive. Also known as ‘Out of Integrity’

It happens a lot in the spiritual community, so next time someone does this to you, get them to work on their SPC, it might just make the difference

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