So, Everyone loves to meditate  –  RIGHT? RIGHT?

Well I hope so anyway

One of the questions I get asked the most in my teaching work is this:


And I split it into 2 types: the morning and the evening. Like all things spiritual, that is a really simple way of saying something really complicated.

My morning meditations are about the future, my evening meditations are about the past.

For the morning meditations, I ponder what I want to happen in a day. I look to the future and explore the situations I would like to find myself in. I set up my manifestations. I plan for events that I would like to experience and calibrate myself to them.

Remember that the internal creates the external. Whatever your current situation internally is will create that on the outside.

Remember the hermetic law: as above, so below. As within, so without.

I spend my morning meditation creating positivity inside, so I find positivity outside.

So create your happiness for the morning meditation. Positively reinforce yourself to have a maximum fun, joy and delight in a day. Put this feeling in yourself and begin the day AWESOMELY.

Put yourself in a mood that will bring out the best in the world around you. The world is constantly responding to the space you’re in. So make it a positive one and see the difference.

And for the evening meditations, I usually do shadow work. I look at all the things that didn’t go quite right. The things that didn’t work for me. The situations I really didn’t enjoy and chose that as the topic to meditate on.

I take the attitude, and this is voluntary, that everything that happens around me and to me is mine to deal with. I manifested it, consciously or subconsciously. I take full responsibility for it all.

If my jealousy, or bitterness, or anger, or despair or whatever is the emotion I was carrying when something bad happened, then I wasn’t at my best. I take responsibility for my contribution to the situation.

And that is what I meditate on. That is what I address in myself. That is the target of my meditation. That is the experience I do not want to repeat ever again.

SO if I take out my jealousy, bitterness, anger or despair, then I cannot contribute that to the situation again and it will turn out differently.

Not only is this true for the day just past, it is also true for my distant past.

Know that if you didn’t wake up on the wrong side of the bed all those years ago. You would not have been angry that morning, you wouldn’t have said that thing that caused that person to react that way and you wouldn’t have lost that friend, or job or whatever.

So if I act differently for ever after, then I contribute something different and create something different. I create a different life based on dealing with my personality flaws one by one.

Yes, I have personality flaws. I’m not perfect, I’m just human. Just like everyone else.

If you meditate on the themes of your worst moments, you are much less likely to repeat them. Really. You won’t be troubled by that emotion and you won’t be in the headspace that created that problem. You’ll handle things better than that emotion allowed you to.

You’ll be a better person.

This is called shadow work. I really recommend a mix of positive reinforcement – which is really popular and shadow work – which isn’t.

There is definitely room for both in your life and you can add them to different parts of your life: You don’t have to pick between positive and negative. Be grounded and deal with both. Be realistic with yourself and know that you are not perfect, but you are trying.

And this is how I recommend you do it: Positivity in the morning, shadow work in the evening. Too much concentration on one or the other leads to a bit of a distortion, so please make room for both.

Anyway, that is my response to the question:  ‘What do I meditate on?’

I hope you find some use in all this.

And stay wonderful

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