This world is in trouble. There are many aspects of our current civilization that can lead to our extinction. This is not acceptable.

It is not a crisis of technology, we have all the know-how we need to resolve any threat that we pose to ourselves a s a species.

We, as a civilization, have not evolved well enough to be able to handle the technologies we have created for ourselves.

We need a technology that improves us as individuals to be able to handle the raw power that we have put in our hands.

And it is all very well to say that and be totally self righteous, but I do not say it without a solution.

That solution is a human technology. It is one that inside every human.

The solution is becoming psychic. Everyone has to learn to become psychic.

Let us evolve. Let us grow into the abilities we thought were impossible to have in every human.


Technology driven revolution has no losers. Only winners.

And being psychic is the next big technology.


We have already had this kind of revolution. It has already taken place.

That revolution was called: Literacy. Widespread literacy.

With the invention of the printing press, it allowed widespread access to information that would otherwise have been completely unavailable.

It marked the end of the middle ages. It was this one thing that sparked the reformation, the renaissance, the enlightenment and the industrial era. For 1000 years before that, the biggest inventions in Europe were the stirrup (for horses) and the wheelbarrow.

It gives people access to information, just like literacy.

It is something done quietly in your own space, just like reading.

It was thought to be a mystical, wonderful talent to be literate. A power only to be held by a few.

And being psychic is also thought to be a mystical, wonderful talent, when the fact of the matter is that everyone can do it.

Here is some free training on the topic if you’re curious.

A little training is needed, and everyone can have access to information that would otherwise be totally unavailable.

Literacy led to libraries, universities, and the internet. It also supported learning of every other topic, news, independent research for practical purposes. Novels and story telling were far enhanced through it and poetry inspired so many, and moved such emotion through people. It was beautiful.

We know what kind of influence literacy has made on our culture. We have only an inkling of what would happen if psychic skills were widespread. Who knows what could happen.

Cultural Aspect to change Literacy Psychic
Lies Made it much more difficult to blag through something because other people had access to expertise


This would end the capacity for people to lie. It is impossible to hold a lie with someone who is psychic.
Information Access Became a lot easier when people could go to a library and access the information directly. People can access information instantly where they stand.


Communication The advent of mail made it possible for messages to pass great distances, albeit, taking great time to reach their destination


Conversation can occur instantaneously from mind to mind, without any misinterpretation or delay


Disease Made medical knowledge codified. Formal, illustrated texts books of anatomy were created and the knowledge was stored and compounded The cause of the medical issue can be accessed and
Mental Health Research was codified and explored more. By accessing new parts of the brain, by understand the functions and mechanics of the mind through this work, who knows what could happen next.
Engineering Vastly more complex structures were able to be planned and built. The growth in complexity available added hugely to what was possible. The Ejyptians, a psychic culture, created feats of engineering that we still do not understand. We do not use psychic (levitation) technologies in building. Imagine if we mixed these two skill sets.


Technology driven revolution has no losers, only winners. There are no victims when a culture takes up a new technology. It is a revolution without bloodshed. It is a revolution without violence. It is an event that makes everybody’s lives better.

I cannot imagine that there were any complaints about the movement from the stone age to the bronze. We certainly didn’t hear anybody crying when we installed a high-speed global communications network across the whole globe.

Everybody wins in this scenario. Who would complain about being psychic? Aren’t you just a little disappointed that your parents didn’t teach you that?

So imagine that all of the poor decisions you made in your life were made clear to you before you made them. Just one of the qualities of being psychic. Would you make all the same decisions again? Would you do it all exactly the same if you could see the future?

That is a powerful possibility.

So imagine what it would look like if we had the same power as a civilization, to see mistakes before we made them. What direction would we all be going in? I’m pretty sure our civilization wouldn’t be in the trouble it is in.

So if you ever feel overwhelmed by the problems of the world, your know it is time to calm down and meditate.

Be part of the solution.

Be part of the revolution  Link: [}


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