Most people think that tarot is a load of balone. Something to to keep housewives entertained. A bunch of semi mystic hocus pocus. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The attitude setters and the influencers at the top of our cultural food chain have set this attitude in order to dissuade curiousity. They don’t want people to be interested in this little part of our history; it is just too important to them. They use this in order to maintain their position at the top of society. It is that powerful. And nothing could be worse than having everybody use it. Their advantage would dissappear…

So what is it?

What is it about this little bunch of cards with pretty pictures that is so important?

It is a map of the human personality and a system of Magic.


Maybe I should spend a little time explaining just how long it has been a part of the European tradition. It has been around in various forms at least as long as we have had writing. I think this is actually even older than writing and the history we have available to us. In this case, we will call it qabballah.

First I want to say that every culture is based in its religion. Keep in mind that christianity was a cult until it was sponsored by Rome, then it became the CULTure. Even until this day, the Bible (King James version) is superior in a court of law to government made law. It is the basis of what we think. And the Tarot comes from the same tradition.

Moses, that wonderful biblical figure was a child left in a boat and sent down the river. He was a member of the Jewish slave group living in Ejypt, though he was raised and trained into the Ejyptian priesthood. What did he learn as a priest? Qaballah.

What sort of magic did he use throughout his amazing journey across the desert? How did he part seas? How did he smite the Ejyptians? How did he communicate with God for the 10 commandments? All of these are uses of qaballah.

After that, Jesus sprung form the Hebrew tradition. The cornerstone of which is still Qaballah. And he performed some amazing magic that was documented and distributed widely. Was he using Qaballah; probably.

It was not picked up by Rome, or more to the point, it was not a public affair. The Vatican has a large cache of literature on Qaballah and it would be ridiculous to imagine that they did not use it.

Though Tarot was a learning tool developed for Qaballah by the Muslims. They used it very widely too. Remember that these 3 religions all developed in the same region and that they are a continuation of one another. The Old Testament (Torah) was followed by the New Testament (Bible) which was followed by the ‘Final Testament’ (Koran). All of these religions have the same cornerstone: Qaballah.


So the first record of Tarot appearing in Christendom was in Spain in the 15th century. Spain was in transition at the time; it was a place that was Muslim ruled since the 7th century. Though now the Christians were militarily advancing and one of the things that crossed cultures in this time was Tarot.

Once the Vatican figured out it was a system of magic alternative to church magic, it was declared heresy. The Church didn’t like competition, just think about the inquisition and witch trials, not to mention the destruction of the Cathar Christian sect. The Church banned it and tried to stamp it out of Christendom.

What is weird is that the church was also using this magic. The vatican used it. It was the cornerstone of two of their orders as well: the Rosicrucians and the knights templar who later became the free masons. And you can still receive Qaballah training through the free masons to this day.

So why are all these power hungry groups tapped into this thing called Qaballah? Why are they interested in this Ancient Ejyptian mystic ethos? It strike me as nonsense at a glance, but these are super powerful people who do not waste time on trifles. What is this?


Qaballah is a system of magic. And a good one. So good that it has not been superceded in recorded history. Nothing better has ever shown up. It is the most effective way of altering reality we have. It is the true gift of our tradition. It is the inheritance of everyone. It is the power to make the world a better place.

It is this capacity to mould reality to suit one’s desires that the elites of the world guard jealously. They have tilted the tables on planet Earth to that all the power and resources fall into their hands. They have been doing this for centuries and it does look like they will use any kind of self-restraint in the near future. Their greed and hypocrisy is destroy our planet and our hearts.

It is not the worst thing in the world to run a world with a system of magic. The issue is that I just don’t trust these guys to do so responsibly or competently. They are liars and thieves and they have the power to bend reality to their selfish wills. It just cannot go on. There is no reason to allow this to continue.

If the wisdom of our ancestors has been stolen and turned to selfish ends, then it is our duty to reclaim this power. if 0.1% of people reclaimed this power to alter reality, then it would be a strong enough counterweight to the nonsense that is coming out of our elites. It is ridiculous.

The moral of this story: get in the know and learn this magic 🙂

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