I want you to think for a moment just how many saints there are? One for every day of the year, right?

Maybe 4….

The Vatican has has 1700 listed currently. Though this does not count for the orthodox church or for the equivalent in other religions. Now that is a lot of saints!

How does one become a Saint? Just being a nice guy?, No….

The Vatican has some very clear rules about what it takes to connonized as a Saint. There are a few parts to it, but the key one is the performance of at least two miracles. Miracles being defined as things that defy the laws of nature as we know them. Doing the impossible.

In order to qualify for sainthood, one must perform two verified miracles. Verified meaning witnessed and reported by two or more people. That is at least 3400 miracles if these saints only perform the minimum 2 miracles. Many saints perform more.

At least 2 miracles to be come a saint

If you were a scientist, then this is a very large sample group of verified proof that miracles are real. Not only that, they are performed by people who talk to the sky a lot. I mean pray a lot. The long term investment of time in prayer and spiritual fitness is exactly what has given these 1700 people the power to alter reality.

Alter F&%#ing reality people.

That’s how big this stuff is.

This is serious stuff we are ignoring as a culture.

Moses the master Wizard

Moses the Master Wizard

The skill of prayer, meditation, magic or astral travel is the single commonality of these events. Variables like location, time of day, the actual part of reality changed, identity and  motive of the witnesses, weather, are all so wildly different that correlation is challenging to say the least. The only thing that is not a variable in this way is study of magic is christian prayer. That incredibly powerful school of magic has been delivering miracles consistently for so long cannot be denied. This case study has one easily reachable conclusion: Prayer changes reality.

Most of these miracles are curing sick people through prayer

This does not mention the numerous other schools of magic (I mean religions don’t I?), there are on the globe and the different miracles they all perform. The long lists of saints for each religion, or whichever word they use to describe them, delivers even further consistency to the idea that reality is altered regularly. By people. In all manner of ways they choose. And it happens everywhere on the globe.

Take a look at this footage. It is about a cancer cured in 3 minutes through prayer!

Do you want to be left behind in the most exciting technology in existence?

I am really wondering why I have not been able to find a case study on this. There is ample evidence. There are ample cases, ample witnesses


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