Isn’t is so beautiful to see someone in flowing purple robes singing to the angels the joy of unconditional love for humanity into the wind?

Or packs of rag-wearing ferals wandering through the countryside in search of the deeper meaning of their chakras? And their next govt. assistance cheque?

I love these guys. They are a special breed of human being who are completely setting themselves apart from the rest of society. Completely divorcing themselves from the reality the rest of us find ourselves in. Being a Hippy; It is a special kind of denial.

I understand this society well because I was one of them. I too went deep into the weirdness of hippy life. I too danced naked around the fire and howled at the full moon with the tribe. It was great fun.

Be aware that this had little or no relation to my spiritual development. Almost none of my spiritual success do I attribute to those people or the lifestyle. They talk the talk, but do not walk the walk.

I am still waiting to see someone express the fabled ‘unconditional love.’ You can be sure that the one who shouts the need for it the loudest is the one who expresses it the least. There are conditions to their love. Guaranteed. Just raise the topic of the government, major corporations, forestry and the logging industry, the military, police etc.

You can see the vitriol at 50 paces. They will have long diatribes concerning the failure of these groups to embrace love, consider others and give freely to the community.

So as it turns out, those are the conditions for unconditional love.

So why do they cling to their dogma so dogmatically?

Because this is the path of denial.

The creation of a world view that only accepts myopic positivity is doing so in order to avoid the opposite of positivity.

This makes the defining feature of new-age hippy culture the thing that they are running away from.

The entire joy-powered, open and ‘unconditional’ love lifestyle, dress and attitude is all based on what they don’t want to be. Which Princess Unikitty here defined as ‘the opposite of happy’

Hippy culture is a whitewash over the misery they each hold inside themselves. Or a rainbow wash if you prefer, that represses and surpresses the expression of these unpleasant emotions.

The entire obsession with being happy all the time is there to cover its opposite. These people are dreadfully unhappy and the opera of their lifestyle is there to cover it. They run to happiness because they do not have the guts to face their unhappiness. And the longer and louder the do so, the more they run into a trap of their own

“don’t ask them to be responsible adults”

New-age hippy culture does have some wonderful things to offer broken people. For people who have suffered major abuse or trauma, it is a massive relief to find people who don’t ask them to be responsible adults and let them play all day like sweet mad children.

For many dysfunctional people, this is the paradise where not much is expected from them. Dysfunctional people have a hard time holding down a job or living up to the responsibilities the rest of us do. New-age culture is a place of grand acceptance without being asked to do anything.

And this is where the grand focus of new-age culture lies: healing. And there are thousands of different techniques focused on repairing these damaged people. This concept is in the right place because the culture attracts the people who need it the most.

So what is healing?

It is an ephemeral word which means so many different things. I have heard so many definitions and explanations over the years that it is very confusing. So I will dot point the main ideas behind it.

  • All bad experiences carry pain.
  • This pain limits you through the subconscious belief patterns the pain creates.
  • These belief patterns can be changed.
  • You will be a better person for it.

Fairly straight forward huh?

Though more often than not, this is not what is occurring.

These guys are just not doing the work. There is plenty of talk and social buzz, but a failure of results time and again.

As I left the scene, I had a friend come to visit. He explained to me that out of all the people who he had met during his time in the scene, there were only two he wanted to emulate.

He asked me what I was doing differently. I said it was simple; learn a form of meditation. Study any of them, they are all more or less worthwhile. Then meditate every day. The other girl he wanted to emulate said exactly the same thing. So he took this advice and now he is living the dream.

It sounds really simple: learn to meditate; then meditate. So simple it is passed over. Though out of the hundreds and hundreds of people in the new age movement in our age group, only two of us struck this guys as having it together. And the one thing we had in common was meditation.

So I ask the question: how much of the new-age movement is all talk? To what extent is this idea being used as a social context? Is it too hard to follow through on the ideas that are held nearest and dearest? Self-development, self-love, self-responsibility?

These are the shared social precepts that the movement holds dear. Why isn’t anyone following them?

In a single word : shadow.

Shadow work is the thing about facing the ugliest parts of you. Those jealous, angry, nit picky, petty gross parts of your personality. Doing real healing requires people to take on a lot of self-honesty and self-appraisal. It is ten times easier to blame someone else for things going wrong than to admit the fault yourself. So this is the tactic used to avoid that honest self-reproach.

So the community maintains a very rigid view on positivity. Nobody is ever wrong or behaves badly, nobody is ever told they are doing the wrong thing. All behaviors are accepted. Things can be wrecked and disrespected without reproach because you can never say something bad to another person.

This single minded, myopic positivity is the hall mark of the culture. Which makes it a really fun place to be. The parties I’ve been to were some of the best I can remember. I had the wildest time. It is a lovely place for people who have been emotionally traumatised or have trouble fitting in anywhere else: everything is accepted.

There is an incident I remember at a rainbow gathering many years ago. Rainbow gatherings in Australia are an invite-only festival. It is for the most serious ( if you can use that word) and devoted hippies in the land. There was an older gentleman who lived in a bus. He arrived into the camp and caused a distruption to the natural quiet with his stereo. He was approached for reproach by one of the more aggressive female members of the tribe and he aledgedly threw a punch at her.

So a meeting was held in which the tribe sat down to decide what to do about the situation. After a long, long afternoon of a council meeting in which 35 odd members all had their say, he was banned from the gathering. Fair enough. The talk went on and on and went through two basic types: he should be thrown out and since he is a troubled soul, we should look after him.

What was even more bizarre was that he showed up at the next gathering. It took two days a meeting to be called, during the interval, it was revealed that he was a defrocked priest with church-buried pedophile charges!  There were basically two opinions being expressed: we should respect the decision of the last council to evict him and we should take care of him and reform him.

The discussion was the same, and it took 6 hours. And after 50 people spent the afternoon on this question, no decision was reached. Which truly astounded me. I don’t think the meeting was necessary, all that was needed was for someone to have the gumption to say something negative to the guy. But true to hippy form, confrontation was off the table and this monster was allowed to play in the fields with all the others even though the council had ruled against it.

These guys are so loyal to the idea of positivity at all costs, it goes against their own interests. No one was willing to say the simple: ‘you’re not welcome here,’ but they just couldn’t do it. The eleventh hippy commandment is:

thou shalt not say anything negative ever!

 In their culture there is no greater swear word than darkness; which is also a by word for negativity.They will make an endless string of excuses and denials for the simple fact of denying anything negative. Nothing negative shall ever be understood as a bad thing.

The new age hippy casts no shadow.

And the only other thing that casts no shadow is a vampire.

So why do they become the parody of the thing they hate the most? Why is it so common for these guys to forsake the practical application of spirituality: meditation?

The answer that I have is that it is too hard. For many, the pain they face about their past or upbringing is too difficult to face. It is much easier to get wasted and talk about contact with the higher planes than it is to take a long hard look at oneself and do something about it.

The reasons these guys are dysfunctional is because their pain is crippling. The emotional trauma these people have to face is too much for most of them. It is just too hard.

What is strange is that the answers to their problems are well within reach. They are even at the center of their sub-culture.


The keys to their salvation are within arms reach. These guys would rather drift into the same problems their emotional paralysis have created time and time again than do the hard work to evacuate themselves from this situation.

This is the failing of new-age hippy culture. They have the technology to bring people into wholeness and end their emotional pain. They just couldn’t be bothered.

It is sad and it is shit; though I genuinely hope that if you are reading this, then you will take this simple advice:

Learn to meditate; then meditate.

Though I’m sure you have something to say about your love/hate relationship with hippies; and I want to hear it!

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