Speak to your Soul

How to find your life’s purpose and passion in life is easy.
Your soul is the one who sets your life’s purpose and
the plan to fulfill or explore it. Find your passion and
get into flow with the fulfillment that is possible for you.


This is a technology that is forefront in spiritual work. Channeling is by far and away the most clear and direct method for getting information that is otherwise inaccessible. The best and clearest knowledge of the spiritual word is accessed through channel.

The process we use for this is to put the consciousness into another body. I put my thoughts and personality to one side, almost like I drop into the passenger seat of a car and allow another to drive my body. By granting limited control of my body to the newcomer, we are able to speak directly to this other consciousness. In this case we speak to your soul.

In these higher dimensions, different laws of physics apply and a being is not limited to presence in one single place as we appear to be. In fact, we can have as many representations as we desire. So is it very simple to do this process and the souls in question are very happy at having the opportunity to talk to you too!

What souls are here to do.

Most people are aware that our soul is here to learn life lesson. It is here to create an experience of a particular emotion or emotional state. The joy of incarnation is to experience it in as many different ways as possible. It starts with an incarnational theme that it wants to explore and creates life experiences and situations where that theme is explored. So when you here what your theme is, you’ll know it immediately. You will have had a lot of experiences on exactly this theme: you’ll realize this is what your life has been all about!

Finding your life’s purpose and renegotiating it.

When you enter a conversation with your soul, they are more than happy to explain to you what they want to experience here. The idea is that when you hear what you are here to do, you’ll be able to understand and help them explore it. The amnesia of being incarnated doesn’t serve either of you in this context. The idea is that if you hear what your life is supposed to be all about, then you’l get on board and help them experience it.

Though some times, we don’t want to experience that any more. Sometimes our life purpose just isn’t fun.

Renegotiate your life’s plan.

Using this technique and rare method of contact, we have a chance to change the incarnational themes of our life. We have a way to change what our life is going to be about. During this conversation, our life plan becomes a two way street. We are able to tell our soul what we do and do not want to do. We are able to come to a new agreement about what is important to us and how we really do want our lives to proceed.


Speak to your Soul
Speak to your Soul
Speak to your Soul
Speak to your Soul


My soul is ready to gift me with a life of passion, purpose, true love and delight and if we just work
through some of the obstacles that separate me from my soul’s truest desire to see me
successful and deliriously happy, then my life will be a living masterpiece of estatic joy in a

welcoming, supportive engaged, spiritual community of true unconditional love


Your soul may not be setting up a dream life for you. Your soul does not measure pain or pleasure in making its calculations. Whether your life is ‘enjoyable’ or ‘pleasant’ means nothing to them. That is not something that is important to them. The fact of the matter is, you are probably busy facing the problems that they want you to experience for their own benefit.

I have interviewed hundreds of souls using a channeling process in myself and others. The bulk of people face their worst issue as an expression of the worst aspect of the soul. For some, the worst part of a soul wants to see what prison is like. And think about it, people manifest prison time every single day. It just wouldn’t be possible without the soul making the necessary agreements to produce that outcome (police, informants, victims etc.) Though some people have what I call a miscreant soul aspect, some are worse than others.

Speak to your Soul


In order to resolve these recurring issues, the best way is to get into a conversation with your soul. When you are talking with your soul, you are actually talking with an architect or designer of  your life. They are setting up the circumstances in life to explore different emotional themes. That is what is important to them. They are setting up a whole range of experiences that create different ways of experiencing that particular emotional theme.

By entering a discussion with our soul, our soul reveals its true intentions for our life. Following that understanding, and often it is not surprising, we can discuss with our soul what better options are available for the time we are spending on Earth. We use this opportunity to renegotiate our life’s plan and purpose.

Example: One client of mine entered into a conversation with her soul to discover what it wanted to explore in this life: trust. Though what their soul wanted to do was explore the negative side of trust. So she kept entering relationships where trust was misplaced and she lost out. A very disheartening thing to explore! What we managed to do was create a new agreement with the soul. We talked a lot about how we would much prefer that we explored the positive aspects of trust and discover what well-placed trust would do. Her soul agreed and it all worked out well. Her new business is thriving as she meets more and more trustworthy people.