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When I tell people I have studied 30 to 50 styles of meditation, they usually ask me why. They are all very different, and do different things to different parts of the psyche. And when you study lots of healing styles (new) and religions (old), and are loyal to none, you see things a little differently. You get a sober analysis of what they are all about.

So after going deep into so many prayer and meditation styles, I can separate the useful parts from the dogma. Because it is so important to cut through the BS around this. It has dominated our history and is the way to create miracles. What else is there to understand except the fabric of reality?

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Whether corporate or private, your event would benefit from a new look at life’s intricacies, while learning how to reframe and restructure life to live it to the full. Let’s talk.

Confident and Compelling Delivery Style

Alistair has been working and researching in the field of human potential for 10 years or so now. He began by solving his own problems, including drug addiction and homelessness and now explores the reasons and causes of these kinds of issues. His research is exploring uncommon ground and produces uncommon results.
There are many different strains of research in this field.

Alistair has taken a strain of research that is incredibly poorly understood in the public realm. His research included thousands of hours of meditation and astral travel, as well as research into cultures who routinely used these technologies. It has involved anthropology, history and the study of ancient religions as well as traveling to innumerable sacred sites belonging to many religions across the globe.


Serenity Vibration Healing Instructor
Reiki Master
Theta Healer
Totem Animal Therapist
Medical Intuitive
Solid Crystal Healing Instructor
Liquid Crystal Healing Practitioner
Tantra Practitioner
Angel Intuitive
Russian New Knowledge Healer
Tarot Reader

Speaking the Audience’s Language

Alistair has a practical and disarming manner that takes a difficult topic and makes it simple to understand. Furthermore, when Alistair speaks on the topics in question, he intermingles common physics, anthropology, quantum physics and popular psychology into a seamless mix. By overlapping these topics and explaining their common themes in layman’s terms, he is well received everywhere he goes.

The Physics of Luck

Some people have a life emptying bins, and others live indolent lives in the Caribbean. Why is this so? How does it happen and how can you change things to your advantage?

The Elusive Roots of Mental Health

The root causes of mental health and how psychology will never find them. The idea that someone can spend decades washing in and out of psych wards is a crying shame. It only proves the ineffectual of psychological therapy. Alistair presents a new theory that explains the bulk of psychological diagnoses, drawing on the knowledge he gained in state management of a well know mental health group.

Meditation in Business to Create Wealth

Meditation in business; how to be more effective and make more money. There are many factors that dictate success or failures in business. How do we see where our strengths and weaknesses lie? How do we adapt to those needs and how do we work with continuous self-assessment to be impactful and wealthy?

Medical Applications of Meditation

Following in the tradition of Louise Hay and Caroline Myss, Alistair explains the physics of energetic medicine. How disease is formed and how to reprogram the body from producing physical flaws ad defects, thus returning people to full health.

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