This is all part of the anxiety reflex. The gripping nerves that tie your tongue, halt your action and lock you up in indecision are the ‘gifts’ of the anxiety reflex. The idea that anything that goes wrong is immediately your fault. No matter who messed it up, whoever did the wrong thing or said the wrong thing. Somehow, your first response it that somehow, it comes down to you and it is your job to make it better. This isn’t true.

It is part of the anxiety reflex.

It comes in 3 flavours: past, present and future…

Anxiety Reflex – Past

When the reflex is applied to the future, you will do something wrong and it becomes anxiety. When the reflex is applied to the past, it becomes blame. You are likely to have spent quite a long time wondering exactly what went wrong with a past situation and what you might have done differently. It is part of the anxiety reflex because somehow, it is your fault and your job to fix it. This self-blame is a super common of the anxiety reflex.

The reality is that you are not responsible for every bad thing that happens.

Anxiety Reflex Present

This one is quite simple. These is where people lock up. In extreme cases, this causes panic attacks, in other cases it is that moment of frozen fear before action. That moment can be short or long, depending on the situation, but it is always present in a person

As social anxiety; this is the feeling of fear of new people. New people are generally not a threat. New people, for most, are just friends you have not met yet. For people with the anxiety reflex, this causes them to take a defensive posture. To expect them to do something hostile. As though these people were a danger to you somehow, that if you just make a single wrong move, then everything will come apart immediately. This self-inflicted tension is the manifestation of the anxiety reflex.

In some, the reflex only activates when there are too many people in the room. In others, it only needs a single authority figure in the room. In many cases, this reflex causes people to appease others perceived wishes. This is called people pleasing.

Anxiety Reflex – Future

The future version of this reflex is the certainty that something will go horribly wrong: soon. For some people it is the feeling of impending doom, but it is not that strong in every case. Though if a sufferer were to plan and think of a future event, this reflex will add is component to that idea. And in the planning stage, there is an unavoidable clash/crash that makes the project seem impossible. That any idea will be thwarted before it reaches fruition.

Though this relfex is not just for any single idea – its for every idea!! It is almost like walking around waiting  to step on the next land mine. This is the anxiety reflex applied to the future. Living in a constant torture that something is bound to blow up in your face. It is exhausting and there is no good reason for it to be happening.

The anxiety reflex is a function provided by the pain body. This is a part of the pain bodies function and it is not how normal people operate. If you have ever been wondering why you respond to situations in this way, then this might be your answer. Feel free to peruse my blog  or youtube releases on this topic or contact me to discuss this further.

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