We know what happens when we give a little kid red cordial. It’s a disaster. And we can be pretty sure what that kid would turn out like if we gave them red cordial every day for a year. We understand pretty clearly that some foods will change our personality.

What we have not twigged to is just how critical food is to the formation of personality.


Here are some examples:



This is an idea that is supported through lots of traditions.

The first one is the Sioux Native American Indian nation. Their tradition for the Sioux warrior caste is that they only eat meat, nothing else; which in practical terms meant buffalo: Beef.

The Sioux made the people they needed to be most aggressive an aggressive food. They were not the ones to use this food this way.

The British did the same thing. The elite royal guard for the Kings and Queens are known as the ‘beefeaters’.

The same conclusion reached by different cultures separated by time and distance. Beef makes people more war-like, which is fine for a warrior group.

However, if you’re a Buddhist then meat is off the menu. It is not a coincidence that they are pacifists too!

Mother’s Milk – Colostrum


The first time I saw Colostrum, I had no idea what it was. After doing the analysis for the book on colostrum, I was then told what it was. It was through this that a major gap in medical understanding was filled.

You see, doctors know that the first week of mothers milk is different from the rest; it is a different formula with a different purpose.

They don’t understand the purpose, but do know from their research that a baby who doesn’t get colostrum early has a very poorly developed immune system.

What the medical profession doesn’t understand is that it is the colostrum that tells the child it is independent now.

The baby has no idea what happened during the event that was
birth. They have no experience of the world around them: they have no reference point for it. Nor can the mother tell them that their world is fundamentally different now.

So how does the baby know it is its own person?

It is the colostrum that informs the baby it is independent and to therefore close its immune system to the world.

Did you hear that?

The food instructs the intricate body systems of a baby how to behave. Now we are starting to see just how much food impacts the way our body and our mind operate.

Processed Tobacco


The reading on this product is reinforced by the most unlikely of quarters: Economic Theory. Economic theory has a product classification they call an Inferior good. An inferior good has nothing to do with the quality of the product. The inferiority is about the buyer. What inferiority really means in economic terms is being poor. Economically inferior.

So an inferior good is more likely to be bought by economically inferior people: the poor. Cigarettes are classed this way.

Though when you look at the message that cigarettes deliver, the connection becomes clearer: cigarettes are reinforcing poverty.

Cigarettes are reinforcing a losing mindset and putting smokers at the bottom rung of society.

This is a really interesting one. In this case, this lifestyle choice is one that influences socio-economic position in society. The correlation is validated again and again and again.

The conclusion that I am reaching is that processed tobacco influences attitudes and the mind so as to make the wrong life decisions. If smoking teaches a person to act like a loser, then a loser’s life they get. There is nothing pretty about smoking…Not that anyone needs another reason to quit!

Break-ups and chocolate binges


I know it is a bit of a cliché’ to talk about a woman crying over her lost lover and whilst gorging on 3 decks of chocolate. You may have done this, you may have seen this, it may just be an urban myth, but it had to come from somewhere.

The research points to Cacao (chocolate is made from this) being the thing that actually comforts the pain. The emotional message from cacao is human warmth, people care and love me still. So when her heart is collapsing with the absence of their lover, it is chocolate that subconsciously delivers the strength to hold their heart open still.

Maybe the ones who have been turned bitter by love just didn’t eat enough chocolate after all!

Sugar and the Nanny state


It is a strange and disturbing correlation to draw. We all eat a heck of a lot of sugar without really realizing it. It is a food industry additive of choice.

And it begs the question what it is doing to us in the emotional sense. When I looked at the raw data, this made sense. The amount of sugar we consume is making us instinctively irresponsible.

Sugar as an individual influencer and consumed on a large scale: it is making our society irresponsible. Our sugar intake that is teaching us this and it is a serious problem.

The eventual product of eating this much sugar is the nanny state.

Where none of us are apparently responsible enough for ourselves, so our government steps in and takes responsibility where we don’t.

Big brother is there to act as an adult as we collectively don’t.

So if we love to be treated as children by our government, they work for us remember, maintaining high sugar in our diets will embed that social structure.



This is a very interesting result from this research.

I never expected that national diets influenced national cultures. Though there is a fair bit to back this up the further I go into it.

If I think of the two countries that eat the most garlic, it is Italy and France that spring to mind.

Both of these nationalities are known to be really passionate. Both of them talk with their hands a lot their art deals with deep personal journeys. They regard their emotional integrity as utmost and expressing that is important. So much so, that in these two countries, an extra marital affair is a cultural norm! It is just one of those things.

Did garlic teach them this? It’s not just coincidence that makes these two country’s cultures alike.



This is one of those foods that we should all be more careful of.

In Chinese medicine, this is a herb that should only be used in short bursts. It stimulates the adrenal glands to create more energy for us to use.

However, adrenaline has the side effect of creating panic in the body.

In cave man times, adrenaline evolved as a response for life and death moments. It’s a ‘need to save yourself’ feeling that it creates.

But this feeling isn’t what we need anymore. So the constant feeling of saving yourself and never getting ahead is what this herb produces. It’s an ugly mindset.

Children, personality and diet.

We all vaguely understand that children should not eat junk food and get proper nutrition. Though now we can see just how important proper nutrition is for kids.

We know that good, healthy, clean food makes kids bodies grow up strong, but also in personality terms. Eating a proper diet goes a long way to assuring this child grows up to be a responsible, upstanding member of the community.

Furthermore, if our child is lacking in personality traits, we can adjust this with the food we fed them.

We have diets designed to counter bullying. We have diets that are designed to foster responsibility and honesty. We also have all the information available to design your own diets.

When everything they think alters their thoughts and personality; it is our duty as parents to present foods that will foster their growth.

A good diet is just another way to be a good parent and give kids the best start they can have in life.

Now if you are wondering where the scientific data is, it is something we have luckily avoided. When I read an article and they start to talk about the benefits of niacin and DHEA, I have no idea what they are talking about.

And the distance between science and emotion is a chasm that will not be bridged. Can you translate DHEA into an emotion?

Though what I am demonstrating in this article is a long string of coincidences that are regarded as true by such a big segment of people that they become part of the culture.

I didn’t imagine that the findings of the oxford school of economics would have a comment on my work. It is probably surprising to both of us that their principle of economic inferiority supports these findings.

So if you insist on a lab report to support this work, we don’t have one. I don’t have the resources to fund one or the name to command one. Science has no opinion on this work.

What I am offering is a correlation from multiple different sources. A laboratory is not the source of all knowledge. You make your mind up for yourself whether this information makes sense or not. Though if you want to know how all these conclusions were reached, feel free to look in the blog for the model of physics that makes this research obvious.

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