Is this for real? Is there a meal that is causing my spiritual death?

Just as there are foods that perk you up, there are meals that bring you down. Health nuts (proud to be one ) already know that eating healthy makes you feel better. This isn’t really in the text books or in the common chat about food, but everyone who eats right experiences this!

So the new research in this book is actually going into further detail than ever before about exactly what different foods make you feel.

Coffee and toast for breakfast is making you a corporate drone.


This is not just s theory: it is supported by the latest research

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The idea that foods create the mood you’re in. It is new and not new at the same time. We all know that oysters will put you in the mood for love and red cordial turns kids into little devils. Mood swings are also create by drugs, legal and illegal.

What wasn’t clear to anyone beforehand is that ALL FOODS have an impact on our mood, not just the few that are famous for it. This new book “Food Makes Mood” details the moods these foods put you in. There are more than 100 common supermarket foods in this book.

So this is the breakfast I will never eat again.

Each of these foods is bad enough on its own, but in combination, they are a perfect storm.

The average corporate drone is constantly under financial pressure, the mortgage ensures this. So work is their lot, day in and day out and this breakfast prepares them for days like that. The relentless work mixes the concepts of slavery and hard work without ever getting ahead. The margarine creates a recoil reflex from any new ideas.

So eaten on a daily basis, this breakfast ensures a mindset that dovetails with the need of the corporate world for drones. If you catch the morning trains, you can see them in droves reluctantly reporting for duty. You can see the absolute absence of enthusiasm in people’s faces. The dread of another day of this.


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