Time Interview questions

Please describe yourself in your own words.

Is time linear, cyclical or more than this? which qualities doe s it have?

Would time work the same if we did not measure it?

If not for the measurement of time, would Time exist?

Does the way we measure time change it in any way? If so, how?

When we go to a place for the first time, time appears to slow down. Things we have repeated many times apparently speed up.  Is the flow of time constant?

So do humans change time in any way?

Does time change humans in any way?

Why do humans not remember the future? Why do we only have access to one extension?

Is time a never-ending present? Is the future and past just a recording of ‘nows’ now as a plural.

What is the present moment?

How would you describe your purpose?

What is important to you as an individual?

How would you characterize the difference between time in 3D and 4D?

Are there time lines outside of time? Could you describe them a bit please?

What are the Akashic records? How do you relate to them?

How were you created and why?

Is it possible for humans to exit time?

Is it possible for humans to manipulate time?

Can we change the flow speed? Can we change the flow direction?

Can we insert ourselves in different moments in time?

How many groups in this Earth are working on this now?

What kinds of human built technologies are at work on you right now?

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