How did I get this information in the first place?

It would be a very average kind of post if I didn’t attempt to explain how I know what I know. So here is an explanation of the method:

The work I am doing is channel the soul of person ‘a’ into the body of person ‘b’. Then person ‘a’ and I talk to the soul and discuss possible life paths. These conversations are both amazing and troubling at the same time. They fill me with hope and despair, just as they do my clients.

With channeling of this kind, we can get a much, much clearer conversation than through any other method. If we meditate to where the soul lives in a 5 dimensional space, it is quite taxing. The effort required for our awareness to reach this place is a lot. To hold ourselves in this space takes quite a lot of work.
So much work that we are not really ourselves when we get there. As much as 30 or 40 percent of our mental resources are expended in reaching a location where direct communication with a soul is possible. And operating in those environments is spacey. Really spacey. Just being in a 5 dimensional environment changes the way we think. And we are not able to mobilise all our normal faculties in these places, so our interviews are flawed.

With this channeling method. We are able to get the soul to do all of the hard work to meet us. By them coming to us, the conversation is on our terms. We are able to engage with them in a much more productive and meaningful way. Also , we are able to include non-astral-travellers to the conversation.

This is a big plus. It means anyone can talk to their souls using this method. That makes a lot of people very happy. They are able to find out their life’s purpose, direct from the horse’s mouth. I am yet to hear of a more direct method. I am yet to hear of a method that gives a clearer understanding of what we are on Earth to achieve. I am so proud to make it available to everyone.

The myth about souls.

My soul is a wonderful, kind and enlightened being. It has a wonderful plan for my journey filled with light, joy, wonder and brilliance. If I somehow get into complete alignment with my soul’s purpose, then all my troubles will evaporate in front of me and I will have nothing more to worry about. The problems of my love life, financial life and feeling

It is fascinating work and what I am discovering is that the common mythology of souls is completely wrong. In fact it is almost backwards. The truth is much more complex than that. And we are talking about two kinds of beings who have extremely different existences: 3 dimensional living is very different from 5 dimensional living. Because of this souls very different agendas to most human beings. What we want from them and what they want from us are completely different things.

What souls don’t know about us.

The fact of the matter is that souls are concerned with very different things than us humans are. They live a life that involves none of the difficulties we face here in the 3D. Souls do not face the issues of work, family, housing, rent or anything like that in the way that we do. In our lives, there are 101 things we have to do ‘to put food on the table’. Souls do not face this issue, they are ‘fed’ directly from source so they are only dimly aware of what work would look like!

Their life is one in which emotions are the only things that matter. For them emotional interplay is what their lives are really all about. In fact, it is mostly what they experience. Now keep in mind that they do not understand the realities of our physical lives, so they do not have any consideration for poverty or wealth. They do not consider physical comfort or discomfort. Or the difference between hard work and soft work. It is completely outside of their realm of experience.

What they want for us and what they want from us.

The soul is projecting a part of itself into this 3D reality. It is doing this for a very good reason. It is here to figure out an emotional puzzle. the details of this puzzle are complicated. It is unusual for the puzzle to be solved in a single lifetime.

The frustrating part of this issue is that we don’t understand that we are here to figure that out! It is such a strange situation. If we understood what the question was, we might actually try to answer it. However, in the wisdom of the soul, the idea is that we would just kind of figure it out, or guess what it might be.

I am really curious about this and want to know exactly what my soul wants for me on this earth
and I want to explain to them exactly what I want on this Earth.
will put you through to Alistair’s phone scheduler so we can chat about what we want to happen.

I am interested in doing this myself

If a soul has plans, can we change them

The thing that most people want is for their soul to inform them of their life’s purpose. They want to be told what to do with their life. It would be so much easier if someone would lay out an instruction list so we know what we are supposed to do! It can be that easy, but we can get more from the conversation than that. There is a lot more to be had.

It is a mistake to consider the soul as a sacred or enlightened being, they are just another personality. What it is important to consider is just how powerful they are in terms of creating the circumstances of our life. they have a lot of sway in the type of people we meet and how we meet them. The life they have planned for us revolves around this particular goal. So they put people in our path who will help us produce experiences pertinent to that goal.

Example of a Viable Life Path Changed

So in one case, the issue that the soul wanted deeper understanding on was trust. So the soul kept putting untrustworthy people into this girl’s path. So she learned a lot about trust in the negative sense. We were able to negotiate a path through which that girl continued to explore trust and all its facets, but in a positive sense. When that agreement was made, the soul re-arranged the people she was going to encounter for the rest of her life so that she met people she could trust. We renegotiated these goals so she would experience trust issues in a positive way. She is just loving it!

So what would this mean for you?

There are two attitudes to take. One is where the soul has the power to dictate to you. And the other where you have the power to dictate to them. Both are true. Keep in mind that your goals for a happy, simple and abundant life are not necessarily a contradiction of what your soul want for you. You can both have everything you want.

If the you and your soul have the same goals, then both of you get everything you want. When you and your soul talk, you’ll find out exactly what the soul wants. So long as you can deliver that, your soul ahs the power to grant you anything else you want in your life. Let your imagination run wild with that one!

There are also unusual moments where a soul is willing to abandon its goals.

Example of a Soul abandoning a defunct life plan.

There was another girl that I was working with who had a very tortured and entangled relationship with her ex-boyfriend. She was unable to break away from him completely. She had met him over and over again life after life. The question that the soul wanted to understand was if love was possible within the confines of being owned. So in past lives she had been a slave/wife, arranged marriages, servant co-opted as wife and other such scenarios. This life fit the mould, though without the social structure to denote ownership. When we spoke to her soul about it, it wasn’t happy with the results. The thing it was here to explore, love in ownership, wasn’t working. After multiple incarnations, she had found no way to express love whilst being owned. The soul actually laughed when it noticed that this girls capacity to love had deteriorated over incarnations. She was further away from creating the solution to this situation than when she started incarnating for it.  In that negotiation, the soul was quite happy to abandon this experiment. We were able to renegotiate a different issue to devote her life experience to. She is quite a happier lady now 🙂

A note on soul mates

Now, the previous example would be considered ‘connecting with a soul mate’. Though on hearing about the details of it, I can tell you, it just wasn’t that pleasant an experience. And here is where I want to dispel the mythology of soul mates as well. Your soul is not necessarily trying to create an experience of deep, true love in integrity. It is quite rare as souls all have access to higher quality love than we have here on the 3rd Dimension. I’m not saying that it isn’t possible for a person’s life mission to be that, it is just unlikely. Your soul is probably trying to create something different.

Your soul mate is just another soul your soul has partnered with in the aim of creating a specific experience, be that pleasant or unpleasant. Though we have been able to create great love affairs with the soul. Your soul is able to reshuffle the goals of a life experience, and will do so if the negotiation goes well.

So the better question is to ask, which of my potential mates should I connect with to create a relationship I want? Which Karma is going to be the most fun to explore? What kind of relationship do I want to have? Which candidates for love does my soul have available and which one sounds like what I want? These are better negotiation questions to ask so you and your soul can come to an arrangement that suits you both 😉

I’ve seen many relationships start shortly after a session like this.

I am really curious about this and want to know exactly what my soul wants for me on this earth
and I want to explain to them exactly what I want on this Earth.
will put you through to Alistair’s phone scheduler so we can chat about what we want to happen.

I am interested in doing this myself


Channeling: is the action of temporarily putting a spirit or intelligence into another person’s body. The body is then able to converse and act as the second intelligence. The process is temporary and the carrier can push the foreign intelligence out at any time.

Soul: This is the intelligence which channels divine energy into your body to create your awareness. This is the eternal part of you. This channel or conduit of energy from Higher realms is what makes the difference between alive things and dead things. It is the reason behind your intelligence.

Life’s Purpose/ Soul’s will: This is the mission your soul has in incarnation. This is the thing your soul came here to 3D to achieve. This is what your soul wants you to do in this reality. It may be different to what you want to do. Our soul has no easy way of informing us of its intention in incarnating here. So it is an enigma for each individual to unravel.

Soul Mates: This is someone commonly believed to be the highest form of romantic life available. Actually your soul mates are people you have highly concentrated Karma to work out. So although the attraction is strong, the relationship is intense, its highest expression may not be to create intense love, though it will be intense, for better or worse!

I want to experience energy work myself

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