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One of the things that freaked me out as a teenager was just how much I loved to get wasted.

Even more surprising was that if I didn’t get wasted once a week, it started to itch.

I was talking about it with a friend and he was really surprised. He didn’t get it. He didn’t have the itch.

So I immediately filed that in the ‘this shalt never be spoken of again’ file.

For years I had no idea what this compulsion was about. And nobody had any kind of explanation as to why that was happening for me.

The strange thing was, I felt a constant level of discomfort when I wasn’t wasted.

Society's fantasy statement!

Society’s fantasy statement!

I felt great when I was wasted. Seriously, it was where I wanted to be.

There wasn’t a name for what was going on with me; but getting wasted really was the answer.

So it became part of my self maintenance routine to get wasted twice a week.

As I got older, I increased the frequency to a lot more than that. And I loved it.

For some of us, getting wasted was the best hobby ever invented!

The tenacity, planning and skill I put into getting wasted was HUGE! I wonder what I would have created if I had have channeled that passion and energy into something else.

Tell me this never happened to you...

Tell me this never happened to you…

However, my choice was to get wasted all the time.

Getting wasted was the answer.

It was just that no-one could describe the question…..

I spent years and years getting my head around this. It was a lot of work to figure this one out.

I found that there were a number of things that went along with this:

  • Thinking too much
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Negative self talk

I’m willing to guess that if you have read this article this far, then you probably feel that all this is true for you too.

This would mean that you have this condition that is known as a pain body. As you have probably figured out, not everybody has one. Not everyone feels like this.

Getting wasted all the time is just a type of medicating this condition.

I am not of the opinion that getting wasted all the time is the problem. It is the impetus, the inspiration to be wasted all the time.

This never happened to me - I promise!

This never happened to me – I promise!

If you walked into a psych’s office and told him you have the above symptoms, they would medicate you immediately.

You would be given enough medication to be on a constant pharmaceutical high.

And nobody can really explain to me why it is socially unacceptable to be wasted all day, and OK if you are on a pharmaceutical high all the time.

That is no different from being a drunk or drug addict, the only difference is that one high is government sanctioned.

I’m really confused by that…

So what do I have to say on this topic?

The answer that I came up with on this topic is the pain body.

People who identify with this cluster of symptoms, have a pain body. It is my job to remove them.

I have a 90% success rate with removing these on the first session and a 100% success rate with two sessions.

And afterwards, the persons problems start to melt away.

I have no comment to make on whether you continue with alcohol or drugs, but my clients all report that they ‘taste’ different and the ‘itch’ to have them all the time reduces significantly.

If you would like some more information on this, I seriously recommend you visit my site:

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