People pleasing is one of the common results of having a pain body.

This is something I treat, so please visit my website to find out more about this condition if it relates to you.

This is something I encounter quite often in the people I work with. It is called people pleasing. It is a source of massive amounts of disappointment from a lot of people. Most have no idea they are doing it, so take a look and see if this applies to you.

These are the key ‘false facts’ that are the foundation of people pleasing

  • Favors are the currency between friends, not laughter.
  • There is an ‘account’ of who owes what to who.
  • Only one person is keeping the account, the other has no idea it exists.
  • ‘Debts’ don’t get paid, though only one party is aware of them.
  • Anger and hurt come out of nowhere to crash the relationship.

Watch the video to find out more.


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