It is strange to think that food impacts the quality of life that much. It is just that most of us have not come around to the fact that the food we eat has a massive impact on our lives. We have all heard the trite saying: ‘we are what we eat.’ Though it is probably better to say is ‘we are who we are because of what we eat.’

When we eat a particular food, we also create an emotional state. So if we are eating food that creates a negative emotional state, then we are going to share that mood with out partner. So if we eat a food like pork, then we create a state of disconnection in ourselves and we disconnect from our lover.

Not a good place to be.


If you get this look from your lover, think about what you had for lunch

Or, the best case scenario is that the disconnection of pork is directed at our surroundings and not at our lover. This disconnection is the opposite of falling in love. It is actually a way of keeping oneself at a distance from our surroundings. Either way, this does not lend itself to happiness and contentment.

If we are to mix this situation with aggression (Beef) then we enter into a new level of drama in the relationship. For our lover to be the butt of our aggression is nothing but trouble. For our partner to be around when aggression needs to be expressed; right after a steak; it is not conducive to a healthy relationship. In fact, having aggression pass between two people helps nobody to fall in love.126-beef

As if those two foods are no enough to create problems in a relationship, lets take the drama to a whole new level. Chicken is creating a constant state of agitation in the person. This creates panic button that goes off while digesting chicken that causes a fuss about nothing. And what kind of lover wants to enjoy putting out fires that their lover starts for no reason whatsover? This is not the fun and friendly company that makes a lover a delight.124-chicken

All in all, we find that meat brings nothing positive to a relationship. There is no positive outcome to a relationship that comes as a result of eating meat. None whatsoever. In fact, meat makes it harder to create the kind of connection that people want to create with their lover. Who wants to be in a relationship with a disconnected, aggressive, panicky fuckwit? It just makes it harder to be a good lover.125-pork

Being a vegetarian is a great idea. Well, that is, if you want to be good company to be around. Or if you want to create a deep, lasting bond with a partner. Its also great for the environment, your health and weight control. Its nicer to the animals and brings us closer to equilibrium within the eco-system.

Do yourself, your friends, your lover and the world a favour today: eat less meat

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