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No Matter what the challenge a solution can be found with new wave mental health treatment

The nature of consciousness and the human body is to heal and return to it’s natural perfection. Once we learn to work with this knowledge blockages can be shifted that create issues and illness.

The limitations we create and project form the mind thousands and thousands of times during the day are the experiences we create. These can be re-patterened and released for more possitive outcomes.

Limiting beliefs and mindsets can dominate our lives, but once we learn to master them, thier power returns back to you in the form of positivity, joy, happiness and love.


Are you challenged by?… Do you need help with?


  • Feeling dis-empowered in life

  • Obsessions or lack of Imagination

  • Over thinking, speech and social difficulties

  • Lack of self love or an ability to love

  • Do you feel closed down and co-dependant

  • Can you be demanding and arrogant one minute and experience low self esteem the next

  • Are you sexually obsessive or avoid intimacy like the plague

  • Do you suffer from fear and anxiety or resist change

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Are You Ready For Change! Alistair Provides 2 Streams Of Support…

Healing And Self Mastery Courses

Learn the very best tools for consciousness energy work to accelerate you knowledge and abilities to support you in creating your live by design and to become a certified practitioner to help others

Private Consultations And Coaching

Where I support you with healing and self mastery techniques and practices to help shift your current reality back towards a healthy balance. Often my private clients will study with me along side one on one coaching.


“By diving deep into your personal development and transformation you will release the trauma blockages and limitations that are holding you back from your dreams”


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