I am a Pain Body Expert, Soul Speaker,
Channel and Medical Intuitive.


Hi, I’m Alistair.

Don’t be surprised when you look at this website and have more questions than answers. I know it is a lot to take in, so please don’t be afraid to ask them. I set aside time every week to connect with new people.

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What is a Pain Body?

What is a pain body and why have I never heard of this before?

Psychology has not discovered this yet. Most people that seek out mystics or life coaching are looking for an alternative treatment. What they are really after this ONE PIECE OF INFORMATION. People seeking of this kind help typically have a pain body. In dealing with some 20,000 individual pain bodies, I have found some traits that are all embodied in different degrees in different pain body carriers:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Thinking Too Much
  • Insomnia
  • Drugs, Alcohol, or Perfectionism

These are caused by a pain body. Different pain bodies cause these symptoms to present a little differently in individuals. And people probably have some symptoms more prominent in different times in their lives. So if you have had these things before to different degrees, then watch the video and see if you really do fit the model we are describing.

Break Free of Pain Bodies

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Healing Hands: A 7-Part Series

A step by step introduction and complete system of Healing Classes and Coursework that you can do from home starting today.

I am a Pain Body Expert, Soul Speaker, Channel and Medical Intuitive.



I’m not sure I would have had the conviction to leave the situation if it wasn’t for your help and I am immensely grateful for that and everything you have done for me. You really are incredible at what you do. Empowering!


I have never heard all of this esoteric stuff put so clearly and simply in my life. He talks like a normal person and doesn’t use hippy jargon. Alistair makes it all really easy to understand. You can’t go wrong.


Before, I wasn’t in a good place. Depressed, confused, Unloved. I’ve got some confidence, lots of sunshine in my life [now]. I have a lot more space in my head…more free. Alistair is fun and easy to work with. Best decision I’ve made in my life!!


Before I met Alistair, my life was a confusing mess. I do not recognize the person I am anymore. The skills I learned from Alistair make the world my oyster.