This was a big deal. A REALLY big deal. I know the mainstream media didn’t say much about it at all. They all agreed that that date was the end of the world. Which was funny, because all of the people who came up with the idea of that date thought something different! Very Different.

There were three main groups who thought this was a big deal, the Buddhists, the Hindus and the Mayan Time Scientists. The Mayan Time Scientists were custodians of a set of 19 calendars. What was interesting about this date in terms of Mayan Time Science was that 11 of the 19 calendars all reached their ‘New Years Eve’ on the same day.

It was a day of great celebration for Mayan Time Scientists, almost like the New Years Eve of 2000. A big deal. What makes this date super interesting is it was also the same day that the Dalai Lama abdicated as the leader of the Buddhist faith. So the real question is why does everyone think so much of this one day?

I will say that how disappointing the general media statements on the topic were. Almost uniformly the touted this day was ‘the end of the world.’ I don’t think they even consulted any of the Mayan Time Scientists on the topic. It is pretty clear they just made that idea up to fill up an otherwise boring news week! 11 out of 19 Calendars stopping on the same day does not mean the end of time!!!

What happens with the other 8 Calendars? Do they not count? And when a calendar stops, does one not start from the start again? I think we can be responsible enough to use a calendar properly right. So either the nobody in the mainstream media did their research properly or they willfully lied on the subject. It dries up my trust in anything they say. Here is some of the crazy bullshit The Telegraph is propagating.

Though there is obviously something serious going on when the ‘pope’ of Buddhism quits his job on the same day! And I would just like to repeat in layman’s terms what the Dalai Lama said in his parting speech:

‘We made it, the world is safe. The forces that have sought to destroy the world have lost and now my job is no longer necessary. Thank you and goodwill to you all.’

Used to be His Holiness, The Dalai Lama

Used to be His Holiness, The Dalai Lama

So lets go into some detail about what happened with the 21.12.2012. The most significant calendar to reset on that day is 5125 years long. 5125 years!ย That is a pretty epic amount of time. It is a further reaching cosmology than Christianity and the idea also integrates with a feature described in Hindu religion, specifically the Yugas.

So when I tuned in to the morphogenic field, I asked where I should celebrate this grand event. The answer was Southern Mexico. A week later, I got a call from someone I had met fleetingly 6-12 months earlier. She just so happened to be a Mayan Time Science Academic. We spent some time together and became friends.

Palenque Ruins

Palenque Ruins

She was also aware that I had a contribution to make with the ceremonies planned on the big day, so we traveled to Mexico and met up with the Mayan Time Science people there. It just so happened that the ‘pope’ of the Mayan Time Scientist, a lady known as ‘Red Queen.’

As a group, we camped out at the largest and most complex of the Mayan temple complexes in Palenque. The site has stone buildings over an area of around 15 Sq Km, some of them have been recovered from the jungle, most are still overgrown. The tallest building on the site was about 4-5 stories tall and housed the tomb of a past ruler of the Mayans known as ‘Red Queen.’ I can only imagine what it would be like to visit the tomb of the person you are a reincarnation of! Maybe you can ask Red Queen when you see her, she didn’t say anything about it…

Tomb of the Red Queen

The bulk of the site is still underneath the creeping tendrils of the jungle, though the parts they had the resources to maintain are spectacular. After touring about half of the 20 sites, this one was by far the biggest and most impressive, even though it was only part of it was open to the public. What was most interesting was the apparent ‘mountain’ behind the enormous 4-5 story building that housed Red Queen’s tomb amongst other things. The ‘mountain behind it followed perfectly straight edges on exactly the same angle as the tomb. The ‘mountain’ was exactly the same shape and followed the proportions perfectly of the largest building uncovered in the ruins, only 3 times bigger! The archaeologists have still got a lot of discoveries to make there.

Anyway, after some debating about access to the ruins for the big ceremony, we came on site very early in the morning. About 200 people came together to perform this ritual that I can only guess has not been performed for 5125 years! So we formed a very large circle and began to dance and chant together. The Red Queen and some of the top Shamans in Mexico came together in the center of the circle and ย began.

What was thrilling to see was the local tribesman. The costumes were massive and elaborate, and each part of each costume had to be earned. It was forbidden to wear anything that was not earned through an experience. SO each feather had a story to go with it. It was spooky to see the guy dancing with the alligator skull in his outfit. Even more shocking to see the guy who had the skull of a puma on his head. The thing I will never forget was the guy who had another human’s skull on his head! I just remember thinking: ‘don’t get on the wrong side of that guy!’

If you are skim reading, this is the important part.

This ritual is only possible at the beginning and end of the 5125 year calendar. At the beginning of this epoch, the people who used the calendar then knew that the upcoming epoch was going to be one filled with drama, chaos, death and darkness as the last few thousand years of human history have borne out. So to help us recover from this era of tradgety, they emplanted a time capsule. That time capsule was designed as a ‘reset’ for the global energy fields so that some sense and reason can return as the underlying premises of the collective human condition.

So during that ceremony, we recovered the ‘sanity blueprint’ for humanity. Something that has been increasingly distorted over the last 5000 odd years. To recover this took a lot of effort and we performed a task that no-one had any idea how to do really! I was in the company of some of the most serious psy operators I have ever had the pleasure of laying eyes on. It took a lot of heavy lifting psychically and it was not an easy task, so we made it ๐Ÿ™‚

So with the recovery of this blueprint and the Mayan Time Scientists performing their duty to mankind in unpacking and implementing the complex piece of information for the benefit of everyone. It is the recovery of this piece of information that was described in the Hindu texts as the Yuga. It is the recovery of this time capsule that gave the Dalai Lama the confidence to abdicate leadership of the Buddhist faith. And it was the availability of this time capsule that made this date special.

So although humanity at large has a huge number of problems to resolve, we now have the sanity blueprint to get ourselves out of the mess the world has become. The current rulers of the world have had their time and as much as they are in denial of their imminent downfall, there is nothing they can do about it. Every project of any sense and usefulness has been snubbed by this insane ruling elite and now those same ideas are starting to be released. The technologies and attitudes that have the capacity to recreate our society in an equitable, sustainable society. I feel it as such a privilege to be alive in this time to see it ๐Ÿ™‚